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Country furniture: from country up to avant guarde

There leave in the past those times when for a summer residence we did not buy new furniture, and have taken the subjects which have served from a "city" interior. Frequently they did not approach for the weakened life near to the nature, not helping, and preventing
To have a rest. The modern furniture for a country house will help you to replace conditions, to relax and distract from city vanity.

The country furniture all kind should embody charm of a country life, the simple and close nature where there is no place to eternal city vanity and problems. Therefore in a country variant of an interior it is not necessary to search for a special variety of forms: on the nature should have a rest not only a body, but also sight. Materials are selected basically natural: a tree , fancifully bent , sometimes, practical plastic. Though frequently these subjects are created any more by hands of the joiner or the smith, and with the help of innovative technologies, for example, metal laces the laser, and an authentic arrangement " traces from " analyzes a computer. But value of feelings and tactile sensations from a touch to a "natural" thing remains
Still invaluable.

To get into trouble
The wum furniture is good that is executed from natural, is maximum materials close to the ground. It, at first sight, very plain things. Actually wum chairs or armchairs only look very simple, technologies used at their creation can be rather complex.
Once manual weaving was popular almost everywhere - from Ancient Egypt up to Russia. Thus made the most different things - from fine household subjects and furniture up to the whole houses. And from that time we appreciate wum furniture not only for external simplicity and durability, but also for ease. Such subjects are very convenient for transporting from a place on a place, they do not demand special efforts on переноске, on storage. From a colonial epoch the love to furniture, wum not from a local tree (a hazel grove or a willow), and from exotic - a material, which has got to us and
To this day it is considered the most suitable for these purposes.
Scientific progress has brought in the contribution to business of weaving: at the end of XX century the wum furniture from artificial materials, for example fibres has appeared. All natural
Materials of which today make to count up rather difficultly. The most known are a reed, раттан, the willow rod, and in fact is still манильская hemp a water hyacinth, jute and sizal, a fibre of a coco,
Maize and a palm tree.

Enough widespread kind of weaving - as it is strange, from a paper. Plait, actually, not absolutely from a paper, and from a paper cord in which middle there is a wire - she carries out a role of armature. The cord in a natural kind is very similar to a usual twine, but it is possible and to paint her. A finished article cover special it is delicious, and it serves long and thus is not afraid of a moisture. But the main thing, what things turn out easy, and what is necessary for mobile country furniture?

Breed you will not spoil
The material "checked most up" in our breadthes just for decoration - wood. Also it is not necessary to think, that simple the furniture is popular only in Russia with its love to village. All world, having got a bit tired from hi-tech city interiors to aspire to the nature. Even with the help of purchase of wooden furniture in which natural advantages are obvious: amazing figure on beauty, a warm surface, easy wood aroma.
But if at us (and at Englishmen) as a whole prefer to put a country house or in a garden thorough "country" tables, a bench, benches and stools in the Western Europe prefer more noble under forms to the Mediterranean variant. It is especially loved frequently skilfully состаренная furniture with decorative attritions, traces, put on special technology. And all this laborious work furniture is carried out only that these subjects seem for a long time familiar, as if getting to us by right of succession family values; that them stored as a family relic and carefully handed down to children and grandsons.

All in ok
Though shaped or from metal subjects can be rather heavy, it stops nobody before purchase the furniture, in fact the things created frequently to order are ideally adjusted under the future owner. Besides it is difficult to think up more suitable "scenery" for a romantic sit-round gathering in a garden or on a verandah, than openwork armchairs or screens.
Besides traditional "black" ковки such furniture can have any color. Frequently metal cover with gilding (special напылением or a paint) which not only is decorative, but also protects a surface from corrosion.
Manual always it is possible to distinguish from moulding or the bent rod: on hand-worked metal remain hardly appreciable, pleasant to an eye of roughness. But completely to trust this "formal" attribute does not cost, the technology of imitation has reached and up to ковки. Today metal, pickling an acid, with the help of powder paints, render a nickel or brass covering - so the effect of silver or gold is created.

Vinylic jungle
Active appeals "green" to save natural resources of a planet find the response among the conscious designers even more often working with modern plastics. And it is easily explainable: plastic - the unconditional champion among materials on imitation. It can "pretend" to a tree, a marble, glass, metal, and the deceit will open, only when you up to him will touch. It is no wonder, that to plastic furniture long concerned as to the cheap fake compensating absence of the expensive present. Especially if to recollect, that artificial materials have started to develop roughly after war when it was necessary to adjust quickly a life, that is from poverty.

Today plastics are appreciated for own appearance. For bright colors, ease and the improbable plasticity, allowing to give to furniture any form. They have added in durability (do not cave in and not so strongly burn out under the sun), became ecologically safe (now they can be processed again similarly to a paper or metal). That remained - so it is democratic character, in fact plastic does(makes) high design accessible. Surfaces were complicated, have become covered by prints and laser figures, look very fashionably and very dearly. But even sign for a history of modern design plastic armchair LOUIS GHOST, Kaertell, or something, from thought up by Filipom Stark, it is possible to buy for quite terrestrial money.

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