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Create the Brain On Billion Dollars!

Buddhist monks practise such exercise. They spend many years to combine a complex and beautiful picture from multi-coloured sand. Then, when the picture is ready, they it, destroying result of own titanic work. In their picture of the world such work which is not leaving after any result, is way to achieve any new spiritual heights. In what it is possible to admire with these people, however hardly you meaningly try to imitate these monks in your work, whether not so?

Whether but we are engaged, usual rational and practical people, very much frequently absolutely same? I assure you, that the similar approach to work at usual people at all is not a rarity. Here only these people can, as against Buddhist monks, not give themselves in it the report.

Recently I listened to record of a teleseminar of one known and successful Internet - businessman. I very much respect this person, but all his one statement has caused in me sharp feeling of the protest. And it has told that it counts Internet - business more " heavy and intense " work, than work at the machine tool. On his own recognition, it practically constantly worked last year since morning till late night without interruption for a dinner (and it at all at the initial stage of development of business!). To most this person of his word, probably, seem a parameter of his gravity and will power. I think, it is convinced, what exactly his ability to work as years on a limit of endurance - that quality which does by his(its) successful businessman.

I am engaged in Internet - commerce and I can tell, that at me all was at all so. Almost from the very beginning I worked in area of 2 hours per day and any " a shaft of work " did not notice. Also, almost at once I started to receive profit which constantly grew. (Certainly, in it I was helped by knowledge of some psychological cunnings, for example - what are stated in the report " Create the Brain On Billion Dollars! "

And in general I do not like this word "work". I did not work. Last time when I worked, was the last summer at factory on manufacture. Since then I never did anything, that it would be possible to define a word "work".
Certainly, it brought money, and In THIS SENSE was work. But I never did something, that would demand efforts above myself, patiences, self-discipline and the similar qualities necessary for performance of actions UNPLEASANT or HUMILIATING. It is possible to tell, that I was engaged in the hobby. On the average it borrowed 2 hours per day, on the days off - hardly it is more (yes I could not wait the days off that it is more time to give hobby!).

Now there is a question. That has enabled me to do so a little and thus to enjoy results obviously "above the average".
Here the small help. In the work I was not engaged in creation of sand pictures which I am going to dispel downwind. I always had many free time. This free time allowed me to estimate importance of all has put, and to make only what can bring really big feedback.

It is impossible, if you work all day long. In that case at you never will be opportunities to stop and choose productive affairs. You will do all successively, and on theories of probability, the most part of time you, most likely, will spend for absolutely useless affairs. I think, you heard about a principle 20/80. I remind: 20 % of actions bring 80 % of results. And now consider, what your chances to make these of 20 % has put, if you catch at all successively.
By the way, here an interesting detail. The standard working day makes 8 hours. 20 % from 8 o'clock are even less, than 2 hours. It is possible to tell, that it - theoretical acknowledgement of my practical experience. And know one more interesting fact? To work is PSYCHOLOGICALLY MUCH MORE DIFFICULTLY a little, than to work it is a lot of.

The matter is that work gives us some simplification. She distracts us from the current problems and fears. She inspires us confidence of success. Even if she does not bring real results, she always creates at us SENSATION of these results.
And try to do nothing. In your head gloomy ideas at once will start to creep in. You will think that your business slides in a precipice. You even will feel feeling of fault that do not work, and subconsciously to expect, that certain maximum forces of you for it will punish.
Besides to stop to work and the rate - too it is always very difficult. To work inertia is peculiar. If you have started to work, cannot stop, even if feel like awfully and do something at all not connected with your current problems.

Many people consider, that the big diligence and huge volumes of daily made work naturally lead to to success. It is well, ready to recognize - probably, it is valid so. But here only such way always appears very long and inefficient.
If instead of that it is stupid " to work much ", the person carefully chose really important affairs and more often reconsidered the rate of movement - it would reach absolutely the same results at 5-10 times faster. Decide, that for you it is more important - illusory feeling of comfort and own importance which are brought with heavy wearisome work, or results which can be at times achieved by a minimum of efforts. Very much frequently in a life it is necessary to choose either one, or another.
Knowingly John D.Rockefeller has told once: " who all the day long works, it is no time to that earn money ". About the author: Andrey Beljakov - the expert in the field of the universal laws managing human prosperity in business and a life. To learn(find out) it is more about these laws and how to use them in your life,

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