Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Demonic appearance!

Majestic, in a British manner haughty appearance strikes, enraptures, even it suppresses! The fierce, aggressive expression of "face" with the widely arranged, destructive outright headlights, as if the vosparivshiye above the peace "wings" of the thrown open, shot up upwards doors... McLaren appears before the spectator by immense super-essence! There are no doubts, so only so sees this super-automobile in their imagination each of millions of its enraptured worshippers, which composed their idea about it according to a few accessible photographs. But as other "thoroughbred" super-penalties, "living" McLaren F1 - small, lowest possible and even a little "puny" "subject"! However audacious, stately and kingly was appearance, the laws of physics and technology dictate for super-penalty this "constitution". But the appearance staggering very deeply cannot deceive: McLaren in reality the improbable, not with which not comparable model of technical thought. Its essence disturbs consciousness - incredible technological and dynamic possibilities were embedded into the model by the entire pleiad of real geniuses! ... end of 1988. In the formula -1 - unprecedented supremacy of the red- white bolides McLaren, Ireton senna and alene is simple - the absolute leaders of the championship of peace, and in front these machines have in colors Marlboro still several victorious seasons. The chief of the invincible command Ron Dennis and the main shareholder of holding McLaren sheik mansur Oyekh on the wave of epochal triumph decide to worthily immortalize their achievements - to build the best of the good in the history the road of super-penalties, the such "terrestrial" interpretation of invincible McLaren formulas -1, which will become accessible only most chosen. So in 1989 in Uokinge in the neighborhood with the shops of "formula" McLaren was borne the subdivision of tyuninga and small-series models - McLaren Cars Ltd., which it had to also guarantee the additional prospects for the development of brand for the case, if sometimes state of affairs in the f-th changes. The great mission of creation "super-penalty KHKH of century" lay on the arms of the most worthy. Marri Gordon, technical genius, engineer from the god - this it will create that "monopolized" formula -1 McLaren.

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