Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Grand cheroki ZJ

Want to express my opinion about the grand cheroki ZJ(1992-1998gg).Ezju on them relative to a little- entire 5 to let.Pervym was Loredo of y992g.v.Dostalsya with the ideal body, moreover bought it in the auto-salon for 'shch00dollarov.V the presence was the burnt down exhaust collector and gudyashchiy benzonasos.Bol'she of any serious deficiencies not bylo.Koye that made on melocham.Ni for time nowhere not vstaval.Nalichiye 242 RK it made possible to drive rather well on the snow and bezdorozh'yu.Odnako rear axle was without the blocked differential, that in mud sodavalo some problems. Then on the acquaintance acquired grandee y998g.Nado to say that body in the previous automobile was not worse than in new, but in new in the rear axle costs blokirovka.Sravniv as it behaves machine with the blocking rear d. and without the same, I will say unambiguous- with the presence of proper blocking much better. As a whole the machine very comfortable, is suitable well for a productive leisure (trip for gorod), trips to dachu.Dlya of a constant ride around the city to Moscow, from its probkami(i by the expenditure of gasoline respectively) and by the problems of parking, grandee, I count, not best to variant.Sam 4 around the city to ezzhu is small, in essence for the city to rest -hence and this selection. Successes on the roads!

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