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To be born in a happy shirt it is given not to everyone, but to get this most “ a happy shirt ” during a life any person respecting presumes to itself, is especial if in connection with activity it is necessary to go every day in costume parade. And though only small part of this shirt is visible, she has considerable value as base статного a man's wardrobe and is coherent between a suit and a tie. The same small part at the inept reference with it can destroy an image of the serious person.

It is loudly told? Here is not present. We shall tell, you have beautiful, high quality machine, which one kind - the certificate of quality. However, for not clear reasons, "legs" of your beauty not in trunks from Bridgestone, and in tire covers, well and bandages are similar to disks - wheels of the bicyclist. Have presented reaction of associates? The same effect at them will be, if you were for work or, even worse, on a business meeting not in a habitual snow-white shirt, and in checkered or, God forbid, to a bright yellow shirt which, as well as the others, your favourite wife or mum has bought to you.

To avoid similar incidents, it is desirable, that you understood, “ that to what to put on ” and “ as where to buy ”. One of key parameters of an estimation of quality of a shirt is a fabric, from which have sewed the given element man's (and not only) a wardrobe. The best shirts are sewed from 100 % of natural materials, such as a clap(cotton), jersey, jeans or silk. However remember: except for cotton shirts in working hours about the others it is necessary to forget. In a clap the body ideally breathes in the hot summer, thus it is fast , is difficultly ironed, there are hated traces on armpits and a back. By the way, now the quantity of manufacturers of qualitative cotton shirts with the put special mix which simplifies process every day increases. More accessible under the price and more convenient shirts are made of a different parity of a clap and polyester. One of advantages of shirts with an impurity of polyester above elite 100 % cotton shirts - in riches of a palette of colors in which it is possible to paint a string. For people with a sensitive leather similar shirts are made of 50 % of a clap and 50 % of polyester, and for people with normal sensitivity - 35 % of a cotton and 65 % of polyester.

It is considered to be, that color of a shirt to a business suit should be the suit and not be evident. The most desired shirts to a business suit are shirts of light tones which are easy for combining with a tie and a suit. Most it is easy color of a shirt - white, however in a business dress-code carrying shirts of light blue, beige and grey tones is comprehensible. As in the daily form carrying a shirt in fine monophonic, but strip densely settling down to each other is comprehensible. The distance lines is considered to be no more than 6 see.

Black, bright red shirts will be looked rather strange in a business image. And shirts of color of an ivory, green, grey and yellow have propensity to emphasize painful complexion. The shirt in a cell can approach to a business suit but only in the event that a suit not in a strip, and the cell small and несильно is evident.

At a choice of a shirt in shop to be confident purchase of a shirt from Cavalli or any other well-known mark, it is possible to pay attention first of all to packing. If the shirt is placed in a box with tied up combined so, that on a back were formed, and with the goods there is a full information on the manufacturer, structure of a fabric, rules of washing, and all this is embroidered on , the given product on 90 % realy.

Before starting to be engaged in art of a combination of a shirt with a tie and a suit, it is necessary to have this shirt. And not one and not two, in fact you are not going to carry every two day the same shirt.

At a choice of a coloring of a shirt to a monophonic suit it is desirable to take into account, that in this case it is possible to choose a shirt monophonic or in a strip, and the tie unequivocally should be monophonic. And it is desirable, that the shirt was a suit and a tie and if the fabric of a shirt is cut up by strips the tie is desirable for choosing in color of strips on a shirt.

Besides a coloring of a shirt it is important to pick up that shirt which will emphasize advantages of a figure and to correct some lacks a little. With the help of correctly picked up size of a shirt, lengths of sleeves and style of a collar can be truncated visually long hands and a neck or pseudo to dump a pair of kgs and rather to refine powerful brushes of hands, adhering to a principle “ the more it is visible a cuff, the hands ” more longly seem. Experts advise to take into account, that after several washings the fabric of a shirt sits down and to avoid the short sleeves, at purchase it is necessary to choose a shirt with hardly long sleeves.

As to carrying shirts with short sleeves or compelled in a shirt with long sleeves in 35 C heat the given question is rather disputable: to put on a shirt with short sleeves work, or nevertheless to hold a trading kind? But one question has, undoubtedly, the uniform answer - with a suit in no event is impossible to put on a shirt with short sleeves.

During time we advise to choose a shirt, at which button are placed in such a manner that at a shirt set in trousers there is no risk to open a stomach because of an arrangement of the bottom buttons. In order to prevent a similar stage consults to sew in “ a dangerous zone ” an additional button.

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