Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Mazda 323FBA 1994 of the release

To the purchase of this auto- drove on fol'tsvagenakh Of dzhetty, the trade wind, was Moers 124, and dream of young in 90 X, 8- kA:)) What to say?????? After purchase it dropped in into sevis into Chertanovo, for replacing oil, there was vyyavlenna the flowing pump, and any melochevka for the sum of 8e00rublev together with the work. The following round through 13500, must say that it was necessary from the work to wander through Russia on it and showed this mpshinka itself only from the best side. Dviglo truth slopal of oil to 13500 -3 liters, but me this did not strain, t.k among my friends many drive on mazdyukakh and all flow oil and not tyuey zamorachivayutsya. So here changed to me boot-trees, disks, GRM, oils, all of filter, shruz, anthers, chegoto there still sorted out otremotirovali... of.na of 2'y00rub. That to be pleased by arriving tuda(v service) it is not necessary to run on the stores, everything in them exist. Makes entire chesno and it is qualitative. Machine gladdens me in every respect. only that catches cursor to 3500... yes it forgot in me cursor rare 1840/114l in essence on them dispatch 1500/90l here for 15000 paths this history voobshchem I very rad to purchase, it bought for shch'00enotov.

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