Sunday, November 26, 2006


Men and the woman: hormones it is more important than a brain!

Scientists for a long time have paid attention to a difference between a physiological and mental component of a brain of the man and the woman. Using modern means and carrying out experiences above animals, researchers diligently try to explain causes and effects of such difference. It is known, that the man's brain is more and more hardly (on the average on 100 g), than female. In part it speaks that men as a whole weigh more, than women. But women compensate such difference in volume presence of more advanced communications between cells of a brain due to what do a little has put simultaneously. It confirms also scanning of a brain which has shown, that at the decision of the problems concerning verbal skills and abilities to be guided in space, at women some sites of a brain, as against men are activated at once. And process of storing of the information at women occurs at use of different kinds of codings of the information, i.e. is arranged more completely.
German scientists of one of universities in Bonn have confirmed recently an established fact, that at men verbal skills are supervised by the left hemisphere of a brain. At damage of this area of a brain it is more complex to men to restore ability to talk, than to women. And as a whole, due to the unequal device of the brain device, the girl start to talk in the childhood earlier and further speak more, than men.
For a long time it is noticed, that there is a difference and in "preferred" illnesses and a degree of weight of their course at different floors. Women suffer from depression twice more often, than men, but at presence of more serious intellectual deviations, for example schizophrenia, they suffer smaller infringement of thought process, than the man.
Certainly, exists also some difference in volumes of various areas of a brain at floors. But as a whole, scientists emphasize, that the basic difference between men and to women consists not in the device and work of a brain. Apparently in all hormones, in particular testosteron are guilty. The experience which has been lead(which has been carried out) on mice, has shown, that if to enter this hormone into an organism right after birthes the brain will start to develop under the "man's" circuit, irrespective of a floor kid. Though experiences were carried out only on animals evertheless they allow the basis to believe what exactly this hormone dictates the basic distinctions in physiology, and, hence, and in behavioural skills of men and women.

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