Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Nightmare D4

It purchased new in the auto-salon Of avensis 2.0 D4 2005 g.v., assembly R2 - zel. metal, zhelatya the skin, xenon, seat electrical, R17. All owners of new avensisov know - rag salon G... o! (on version 1.8 - only such of!!!). Here and took kozhannyy! But the engine of 2 liters. With the path of 5 000 km increased the expenditure from 11.2 to 41.2 L/y00 km (along on-board computer)! The valyl is black smoke with the starting! In the service they said - poor gasoline - to consume, to wash injector and to change spark plugs and filter. Everything except spark plugs was replaced. It were repaired only on AZS Of lUkoyl from NPZ. TO 10 000 changed oil, filter air and so forth on 12 000 km burned-out xenon lamp! By 17 000 km the machine ceased to be started to the hot - you turn by starter it is brought and immediately it dies away - 5 -10 min. it is necessary to await. Arrived to the service of ppomenyali filter fuel, spark plug (platinum 3 electrode), they washed injector - all they gathered revolutions 1200 - they say now engine it is optimized by ok! It went home, it pulls better much! It drove away to 160 km/h, it arrived and... more motor was not brought. Sum - replacement OF TNVD (D4), sprayers. It sold for 23 000 dol.. It purchased to Maxim 3.0 2005 after restaylinga and it was not contented as locomotive! And even in friend RX350 - the path of 7 000 km the expenditure of 27 l. on bortkomp'yuetru - I tell it necessary to sell! And even about rubber - Dunlop SP9000 and Bridzhstoun Potenza S03 - GOVNO! (experience of operating different machines) into the rain not tyuey derzhut generally (worse Dunlop), better than Nokian NRVi and Pirelli P Zero. All of success do not read custom-made articles which they write dealers themselves, but that also you will fall!

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