Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Peace awaited it agonizingly for long.

The most powerful, highest-speed, most expensive and most exclusive limousine of peace, the best predstavitel'skiy automobile of all times - model Bugatti EB112, obeshchannaya by Italians even in distant 1993, externally already it had time to become legend, but series version all did not appear. And in light of the numerous troubles of brand Bugatti of the last years of hopes it became increasingly less... But - world sensation - in spite of all disappointments and rumors the first series model of "great limousine", Bugatti EB112, before you. Skies were ordered so that to us was presented the possibility to conduct very first test in the world! And to these everything is said. As the saying goes, the manuscript they do not burn. Probably, the same gold rule is completely applicable to any true values, and in particular - to the works of industrial crop. History knows numerous examples, when technical masterpiece, in view of different circumstances doomed to the disappearance, by truth- untruths, afterward the turns of ordeals, obtained the deserved acknowledgement. In other words, they are located among the strong of the peace this of the personalities, which cannot quietly look at the loss of the model of technical perfection and, after despising pragmatic calculations, everything for the rescuing of relic is done. For the history and the highest validity, if it is convenient! Similar case made it possible to continue its existence heroin of our today's test to -.Bugatti EB112. As is known, this super-automobile from the very beginning was projected as best of the good, which entailed unthinkable even for the gigantic auto-producer of investment. Those more they were completely not on the forces of arrogant, but small Bugatti and to its chief of that time, to "loud" Italian Romano artioli. All subsequent events are also known: after developing and after bringing to the stage of series production model YEVYY2, company did not maintain the load, caused by its tendency toward the ideal, and I could not arrange series output of automobile, although hundred, many hundreds of clients not the fact that requested, but they required immediate delivery YEVYY2 on any price!.. So began the subsequent "walkings on the flour", which were ended by the new design of the "best automobile of planet". Ferdinand pikh and its powerful group Volkswagen, the become coowners stamps, astonish automobile community by the unthinkable projects of sleeping compartment and sedans of brand Bugatti... But, in spite of the already promulgated four models of the new Bugatti "from Volkswagen", there is neither date of the beginning of release nor concrete model as yet. Yes even super-project itself, until now, was obtained neither financial nor administrative approval from the side of the shareholders of concern VAG. Furthermore, brand Bugatti too much means for the automobile community so that all thus immediately would be subdued to the fact that so sounding name will belong to the firm, main specialization of which, in the essence, they were always and remain usual road automobiles. So that numerous chief representatives of automobile business and shareholders of the concern itself Volkswagen in that opened they call the promulgated prototypes from Pikha "false Bugatti" or, more frequently, ersatz -.Bugatti (that, however, it by no means diminishes charm shown VW models).

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