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Programs of restoration of files: best of the best

On the Internet, in that and number and on our portal, not unitary lifted a theme of restoration of files. Actually, there is a whole class of the universal and perfectly working programs distinguished from each other only by a class of application - whether it is necessary for you to restore correspondence on аси or the hard disk polished with a power cable. In this running finishing feature was reached by all participants - be sure, each of these programs will cope with with what it is declared is obliged to consult. I do not specify the reference and the price, as having armed you will quickly find out both these very popular programs, and medicines to them. In the end I shall share with you my subjective impressions and remarks for those who anyhow wants to choose « most most of most most ».
Search and Recover

Let's start with the standard list of the opportunities inherent in the majority of programs of this class: support of the majority of file systems; search files on any device equipped with constant memory; work on portable carriers (you can start a program with cd-dvd and прошерстить the damaged hard; restoration of files after clearing a basket, from the formatted disks, after reinstallation Windows, immediate restoration of messages in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, and QUALCOMM Eudora. Restoration of contacts, calendars, problems etc. in MS Outlook. There is a function preview by means of which it is possible to overlook a file, not restoring it (as at its natural kind, and, for special aesthetes, in the hexadecimal coding).

Search and Recover allows to work in two modes: "master" and the user. I shall note, that in the given context "master" are adjustments of the program under "artificial intellect" where it, on ideas, should itself for you all make. In a mode of "master" all most necessary tools are readily available. The "User" mode has a number of differences. You set types of files and their site, specify disk stores. It is necessary to note юзабилетный the interface of the program: various files are allocated with different colors (that is all text files, you, for example, can see on the set color). There is also an opportunity of viewing of all files which are taking place in a good, satisfactory or bad condition.

As a bonus I shall note function of full deleting of files (a method of repeated rewriting) and high, even very much, speed of work.

With help EasyRecovery Professional restoration on a disk more than 300 files of various types including musical MIDI-files, files of a sound recording, films and many other things what the modern user can collide(face) is possible. As a matter of fact, EasyRecovery will consist of the module of restoration of data DataRecovery, the module of restoration of files FileRecovery, the module of diagnostics of disks and the user trying in all it to understand.

The diagnosing part of the program provides: testing of disks and their sections; the detailed information on use of disk space; the information on positions of DIP-switches of disks (through the Internet); creation of a diskette of diagnostics loading version Caldera DR-DOS.

Scanning of a disk, especially big capacity, as against the previous participant of our running, demands considerable time. It is no wonder, that there is an opportunity to stop this process and to remember his condition, to renew scanning later. Testing can be various depth and borrow various time, but also the brief test provides, according to the company, reliability of the diagnosis in 90 %. In the program reading from the controller of a disk of parameters corresponding to technology SMART and the prevention of possible problems with it (only for modern disks) is stipulated.

Restoration of the data probably at different levels, down to serious damage of file system. Summarizing it is possible to conclude, that the program with so rich , can be useful to those of the user which have rigidly mocked at a hard disk and could not restore the lost information other, more high-speed means.
DiskInternals Uneraser

Authors of the program declare, that possess unique technology of restoration of the removed sections on FAT32 in Windows 2000/XP together with their contents. One more difference of the program from other similar utilities consists that at restoration of files in operational systems Windows 2000/XP and in FAT32 not always it is possible to restore them completely. Therefore considered by us files the program restores them in the several variants most suitable on their contents that the user further could define itself what from them is more suitable, and already other means could choose from them the necessary information if the file was restored not completely. (But here archival files to be restored have not wanted. The program did not show them among files in the removed sections.) Specific features of file system NTFS do not allow to define(determine) section in which they were earlier for separate files. Such files are located in general folder Lost files.

Feature of the program as is the opportunity of preservation and the subsequent work with image of a disk. Authors suggest to carry out creation of such image before you will begin restoration of files (especially if quantity of restored files big) and also that there was no destruction of a content of a disk at incorrect actions of the user. It is recommended to create an image of a disk on other logic disks or on network disks. After its creation such image can be connected by the elementary image to the program, and with it it will be possible to work as with a real logic disk.

Very not bad the program behaves in case of restoration of files from beaten disks. Having found out not readable, she(it) will not try to pull out from him the information, and will write down instead of him zero and will pass to the following claster.

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