Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Reason and the feeling

BMW M6, Porsche 911 Carrera S and Jaguar XKR... Each name - legend. Each motor - beast. Each price list - heart attack. But what forms! And other more than all the same us disturbs the juicy- dark-blue BMW M6 - the first machine in Russia! Ten cylinders, five hundred forces, seven transfers, 150 thousand Euro-... But in order not to oprostovolosit'sya with the start, it is necessary to know algorithm, that is to say the correct sequence of actions. The first: we turn off stabilization system DSC. the second: we pass to most severe, "sixth" conditions of the work of box. The third: we include the most powerful regime of the work of motor - Rshch00 Sport. The fourth: we push the lever of box we forward and retain it in this position. The fifth: we press on the gas. The sixth: when the pointer of tachometer reaches to 4000 r/min, we release the lever of box... Or we do not release? One second, glance- kA again into the instruction, there on 49-1 page is described, as it is necessary to use the system of maximally effective start launch control... Thus, the sixth: we release lever... It blew away the flock of sparrows once and for all. The being rushed about rays of "xenon" opened the cloud of smoke from burning rubber - and from it, desperately skidding and wagging by tail, was pulled out "emka". Intermediate speed! Again slippage - and again jerk by stern sideways. The third! Finding finally reliable cohesion with the planet, BMW into the instant of eye disappears out of sight. Zapredel'shchina, devilry. From within picture is such. Without having had time to realize, that the acceleration already began, you suddenly hang on the belt of the safety: this was the moment, when the robotized box SMG passed to the intermediate speed. You is newly press ined into the armchair, you instinctively resist, you want to be detached away from the back - and again you hang on the belts. This was the third! And so - six times in succession, until the pointer of speedometer freezes on mark 270. Transfers change rigidly. Electronics manages to decrease the revolutions of motor, and actuating mechanisms - to open cohesion, to shift sequential gear and to again close. The pedal of gas - always "in the floor", and under the cowling they rage five hundred horsepower! Will not break they power shafts? But heart - will not depart from the breast? Nagruzochka to the driver is that still! Indeed this was start with the off stabilization system - and machine it was necessary to retain on the straight line very. But it, machine, first it aims to leave by tail forward, and that goes as on the string... this it depended on that, did not fall hearth one of the rear wheels of pesochek or pebble. Did not save even the interlocking differential, forcing both wheels to revolve with the equal speed. Only it gaped - and here is it, deflector! But indeed we same this wanted, after opening stabilization system: they wanted to stay face to face s by "clean mechanics"... Although - where it here, this "clean mechanics"? Seven-stage robotized gearbox with electronic control, the two-bin system of stabilization DSC, shock absorbers EDC with three modes of operation (comfortable, usual and sport), the amplifier of steering control Servotronic with the variable productivity, the interlocking differential with electronic control, display Head-Up, which projects to windshield instrument information, and instead of system I -Drive - its analog MDrive Manager... Even 507 "horses" divorced by electronic barrier on two stalls: in the main thing their 400, and 107 more "horsies" - in the reserve. "on silence" engine works not in the total power, although four hundred forces be sufficient for the eyes. But reserve "horses" are called through system MDrive Manager: instead of regime P400 (400 hp.) it is necessary to select either P500 or P500 Sport, which is differed from Rshch00 in terms of more lively responses to the pedal of gas. Computer follows each step! Therefore we could not repeat our spectacular start: it occurs, necessary to pass several kilometers in the relatively calm regime, and only then system launch control will earn again. How much precisely kilometers it is necessary to pass? We do not know: the solution will take computer. In this electronic picture is not entered only the key - not card- transponder, but the most usual key of ignition, with the honest metallic sting. Maybe, developers about it did forget? Porsche 911 Carrera S with his round eyes, by compact six-cylinder oppozitnikom and by usual mechanical box - this, count, automobile from the past. But this is what is interesting: you sit down yourself for control Porsche - and to you it is comfortable. The overestimation of values occurs after fourth more of hour - at all electronic charms BMW you begin to look with other eyes. On BMW it is possible to select the level of the power of engine? It is healthy! But this is accessible to driver Porsche. You do know, as this is done? You press on the pedal of gas - and... And power grows! It is brilliant! On BMW it is possible to change the regimes of the work of box? But this, as we rapidly explained, there is on Porsche. You want - shift third gear with 3000 r/min, while you want - "untwist" intermediate speed to 7000. You want - shift gear plavnen'ko-plavnen'ko, while you want - by jerk... To mind it is incomprehensible, as engineers Porsche to entire this they hit upon! And to only push in the plugs on Porsche of happiness is small: clutch pedal is high, is dlinnokhodnaya and is heavy. But here also Jaguar, the excellent creation of deceased now Dzheffa of Lawson, for a long time of the headed division design of jaguar. Automobile- aristocrat. But that that it not on -4guarovski the green, but the clear red, so for the "charged" version XKR this time itself: Jaguar appears more elegantly, is more interesting than BMW and Porsche. But if we approach nearer... Joinings of body panels are adjusted more badly, the old-fashioned sealers of glass rush into the eyes, and so that less than mud would fly from under the rear wheels, the most primitive method was used: on the arches it is wing they are released plastic "dilators" - as on the extra-roads builder. About the jaguars, especially such, as XKR, the Englishmen speak "outstanding": exceptional, not such as all this is accurate. Try- kA from three times to guess, what automobile from our trinity is the closest? Flattened Porsche? Or BMW, contained under its cowling enormous motor V10? No - Jaguar! Although it is noticeably more Porsche and barely is inferior on overall sizes BMW. but this - tradition. Similar was sedan Jaguar XJ of next-to-last generation. But when it replaced the aluminum present Jaguar XJ with the higher roof, among the worshippers of stamp was located dissatisfied: for them tradition - this saint. Still and to sit was convenient, and that pillow as if extrudes driver, yes even back entire in the mounds... Then seats are stretched over by flawlessly luxurious skin. The drivers of medium height are forced to move aside seat to the support back. But to those, who is higher, it is necessary to appear the English restraint: seat has already been rested into the rear sofa. But there, with the best will in the world to give a ride on the jaguar, cannot now sit down even children - places for the feet did not remain. Porsche, for free which is more compact, is nevertheless more spacious - bad- it is poor on the rear seats, but nevertheless it is possible to be attached. However, for long you will not lengthen: rigid backs stand vertically. So that valuable it is possible to name only rear places BMW: this is present four-place automobile. And baggage carrier BMW - is the largest. Already not Englishmen whether in their time did impose on automobile industry rule, that the control in the sport machines must be with three knitting needles? Then why here, on the most rapid series jaguar, the control of four-spoked, on top of that such large? But why buttons on the front panel do suggest, that them they did borrow from cheap malolitrazhki? Well, knob- that is understandable. This Jaguar was developed hearth patronazhem of concern Ford, and they already there know strongly: you want to save - be occupied by unification. Would take then three-spoked control from the sport versions of focus... In the fact that Jaguar XKR it proved to be by no means quite high-speed automobile in our trio, is partly guilty unimportant streamlining. As showed our wind tunnel tests Of dmitrovskogo auto-range, drag coefficient (Skh) was equal to 0,4 - this is the highest value among participants in the test. But the matter not only in aerodynamics. the impression was formed, that the equipped with the mechanical supercharger Eaton engine V8 simply does not develop obeshchannykh 400 hp we even they were turned to the official service, where with the motor were carry ouied the preventive works (specialists they sinned to the clogged sprayers), but repeated measurements they showed: Jaguar XKR More rapid it did not become. But here the fight between the "Germans" was tied serious. Certainly, BMW is more powerful. Ten cylinders - not six, and 507 "horsies" - not 355 on Porsche... But! If twenty years ago BMW M635 Si it weighed 1495 kg, then BMW M6 - already 1710 kg. i.e., the specific power is 0,296 hp/kg, and this is a little better than 0,250 hp/kg in Porsche. However, for the jaguar this number is 0,228 hp/kg. In 1,6 seconds Porsche are collected 50 km/h. Already three seconds - and on speedometer hundred! That remained BMW only sucked by nostrils the raised Porsche dust but to 150 km/h picture it changed: BMW overtake rival, and then confidently it left in the detachment - on the "long" acceleration BMW it is more rapid! Then Porsche - is more intelligible, it is more living. Responses to the pedal of gas in entire range of revolutions are completely adequate. The same relates also to the brake pedal: the precision control of retarding! Brakes BMW are also splendid, but on Porsche - is better. Controllability? At the speeds to "hundred" - there are no problems. But Porsche- that "begins" at other speeds! And here already hold ear vostro. Suspension too actively reacts on the unevenness, forcing automobile to rove. But if we transfer shock absorbers into the "sport" regime, then ride on Porsche will begin to resemble ippodromnye races - not in the machines, but on the horses. But even uneven road is not capable of depriving the driver of happiness from control Porsche. The tightly covering seat helps to feel automobile in all nuances. Add "linear", always intelligible reactions to the gas, excellent steering control... But noise from the tires and motor roaring on the high revolutions only add kayfa. Adrenaline splashes through the edge! It does tire? Yes. And first of all of that, who sits to the right: it, bedolagu, it flattens from the accelerations, speeds, noise, vibrations - and it in no way can take in the sense: from what this face of driver did spread in the blissful smile? Jaguar another. And about this immediately declares six-stage "automaton": delay, the low forecastability of switchings... It is possible, of course, to select transfers by hand, moving lever on the stylish J- descriptive selector, but complete mutual understanding "on the acceleration" nevertheless does not leave. Then we be govern jaguar razmerenno and sedate. However, and the first turning convinces of the correctness of this approach: before the turn it is necessary to in advance reduce speed to the deliberately safe, otherwise... In proportion to the growth of bank automobile it is spontaneous, but very decisively, begins to change trajectory, and therefore - the large human thanks to undetachable stabilization system! How bribes Jaguar, so this by the cat smoothness of motion. But this bribery operates only on the decent road. But on the highway a little bit worse distinctly are manifested the vibrations of the non-spring-loaded masses, control begins "to go for a walk" in the hands, and machine - on the roadway. Hence the morals: Jaguar - this is sport, but strolling automobile. But to go for a walk, as is known, must gradually. To go for a walk gradually on BMW is obtained, but not always. Maybe, is incorrectly selected one of six regimes of the work of the robotized box? But switchings occur with the jerks even in the "soft" register itself. You push in the city, speed - only is less than 70 km/h, and box had time to sort out all seven transfers! You do not want to count, yes you will compute: each time - ryvochek. For free that box is adaptive. It occurred, you roll in the viscous as honey, flow - and box to some period fills up. But it is spilled leisurely: it is necessary to drive away, and it will stretch itself, it zevnet and already then it will select necessary transfer. Sometimes this pensiveness forced to forego the planned outstripping. Rescuing - in the manual regime of switchings, for which answer wide, convenient keys on the control. Moreover to manipulate by these keys is possible infrequently: powerful motor makes it possible to use even "highest" transfers in the very wide speed range. But you here again recall about Porsche c its the adjusted "mechanics" and you are again assigned by the question: in the name of what on BMW all these "khay-tekovskiye" navoroty? But can, not into the name of what, but into the name whom? Then - into the name of woman! This moshchneyshey machine can govern even blond from the anecdotes! And let once and for all he will forget about all these knobs and knopochki. It must know only that the fact that right pedal - this in order to go more rapidly, leftist - in order to stop. But control - in order to turn. And that that BMW M' - this steeply!

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