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"the one who will go on the the new BMW in the shch-oy series, immediately will understand that we they put in his creation - passionate love for the automobile" - its creators assert. As you surely surmised, today the hero of our heading "of Test- drive to Avto.ru" became one of the leaders of class "E" according to the European classification - BMW of a shch-oy series of 2003 model years. Will be able we to test the same high feelings in the time of our short acquaintance with the data by automobile? The output of the new generation of popular machines by something resembles the return of associates from the work from the leave at sea - rested, tanned, rejuvenated, completely different people! Although voice them to us long ago with sign, it sounds somehow clearer, is more cheerful, and the nature, which we have long ago known from the different sides, it is manifested only with the best of them. However, the first view on the new "five" tells us, that it had time not only to tan, it is good to have a good sleep, but also to make tightening of face and small plastic operation - are so essential and radical external changes! We will hope that at least the change of floor the matter did not reach... Passions, around the new designer tendencies BMW do not cease here already 4th yr, from the onset of a flag officer of a model number - new BMW in the "-oy series. Gave to understand since then the designers and marketologi of the company repeatedly that the indignations among worshippers and adherents of the stamps, which very ambiguously took the new lines and the forms, are not collected to surrender under the strong pressure. They look forward, beyond the horizon, and the new BMW in the shch-oy series sequential to volume confirmation. It is necessary to recognize, the debut of new "five" passed noticeably more calmly, roofings user was more prepared, after experience of shock, roofings the producer more competently thought over the conclusion of novelty for the market. In all countries, where officially are delivered automobiles BMW, the presentation of new machine with the index Of e'0 began from the demonstration of the specially photographed advertising film! Dada, precisely, the film, main hero of which, as you surely surmised, became new BMW in the shch-oy series. Name of film - "Who killed the idea?" ("who it killed idea?"), just as its content they were so intricate, incomprehensible and even a little hypnotizing, that appeared to the law court of public, immediately after the end of film, the "living" automobile was encouragingly accepted under the general applause! But all disputes on the theme "it pleases itself or not" they related faster to the subject of film, than to the machine. Presentation occurred approximately one year ago, the "hypnotic" action of film had long ago been ceased, automobile already became familiar on the roads and it was evaluated by the majority of automobile publications. Yes even 4, it is necessary to recognize, in this time it had time to form its opinion about the automobile, about its appearance and technical equipment, based predominantly on the information from the press and from the people of those had the capability to travel a little on it. The possibility to verify the conclusions drawn earlier was now to me presented and possible to open something new. The first, from what my personal acquaintance with the automobile began - this acquaintance with the key of ignition, which, I will directly say, it did not strike by its originality. No unquestionably this key from the contemporary automobile, with the serious electronic filling, which manages not only the functions of signaling, but also is stored in itself service information about the concrete automobile. But, on one, let far and not most important criterion it nevertheless lose to competitors - sting on the key from BMW is fixed rigidly and it does not have the possibility to hide into tele- breloka. Trifle, you will say, it is agreeable, the torn by the sting of key pocket of pants can be sewn, and that that this key is differed in no way from key BMW in terms of 3- it series, hardly will spoil your image. However, if there would be the possibility of selection, I would nevertheless prefer key with the ejected sting. Of thoughts about the imperfect key were twirled in the head thus far I it went on the stand, on which me awaited BMW 530i black color, in the "combat coloring" of automobile for test -dra1va. As soon as I approached it and removed from the protection, my attention was switched to the automobile itself, and 4 no longer it recalled about the key. At the following moment, my view stopped at the knobs of doors. I wonderfully remembered that the door knobs of two last generations of "fives" (E34 and E39) were executed under the opposite gallant of hand, while the knobs of new machine were made under the natural. Let us say, if the machines of basic competitors - Audi and Mercedes- benzo, traditionally give preference to opposite and natural gallant, correspondingly, then something forced to change Bavarians its traditions. Is caused this by the new corporate concept of design, or specialists BMW in ergonomics as a result of long studies did come to conclusion singularly accurate for them? It is incomprehensible. Is understandable only one that the innovation this unessential, and speed does not influence, but nevertheless in the cloudy weather the owners of new machines again and will be again assigned by this question, opening machine for the dirty knobs of doors. To me it transported, my machine met me with the sparkling sides and knobs on it thus far were clean, and here weather finally was spoiled - went strong rain and I hurried to occupy its place in the machine. Rapidly pokidav its things to the rear seat, I sat down at the control. In the salon complete silence reigned, it was not audibly neither the barabanyashchego on the roof shower nor noise from the Warsaw highway find in 50 m of me, noise-isolation staggering. I included ignition, and salon was filled by the measured hum of the electrical little motors, which lower the steering column and pushing seat for tuning of previous driver. Key to the start! The sound, which accompanied flat and rapid engine starting at first seemed by the artificial forgery, analogous to the fact that accompany the photographs to the digital cameras, but having a little "begun" on the outdoor pedal of gas I it rapidly scattered its fears - sound present, Bavarian origin! Thus far machine was warmed thoroughly, I decided to be arranged poudobneye and approached the study of control elements. First of all I started to regulate seat - at first blindly, however, after being tangled in the abundance of buttons, I it nevertheless opened door it glanced by fleeting glance the block of adjustments. It is similar, is close that day, when for similar devices they begin to make separate instructions, pages it is such to 20. This circumstance only gladdens me, because the range of the adjustments of seat is so wide that 4 I could ensure to itself simply ideal landing! Big enough role in this the possibility of a separate change of the angle of the slope of the back of seat in its upper part played. Control algorithm of the joystick, which corresponds for the displacement of the steering column in 2- X planes proved to be where simpler, so that instruction was not required for its adjustment! It is not difficult to surmise, that, both splendid the seats described above and many other conveniences, which deserve separate attention, relate to the special features of the assembly of this concrete machine - BMW 530i Luxury. Is certain, first of all, this the three-liter engine with the power of 231 hp and 6- TI stepped automatic gearbox with the possibility of manual switching. Active steering control (AFS), system of a decrease is bank in the turnings - Dynamic Drive, 18- TI one inch light-alloy disks, cruise- control, system of adaptive lighting of turnings and much other; also they enter into the rich list of the equipment of this modification. It is necessary whether to indicate that by 8-6h pillows of safety, by controller iDrive, by systems ABS, DSC and DTC (DSC and DTC - the systems of the dynamic of the control of stability and adjustment of thrust), by conditioner, by the sensor of rain and with other options, inherent in the automobile of this rank, all "fives" are equipped already "in the base". Separately, for a number of reasons, it is worthwhile to stop at system iDrive. First, into the sign of respect, indeed precisely company BMW of the first in the world used a similar interface on the series automobile - new "-ke BMW, after marking thus the beginning of new era in the region control of the intensively expanding options and services in the contemporary automobiles. In the second place, new five is equipped with the following generation of this system, which was naturally improved, on the basis of deficiencies in those revealed in the first generation. Changes touched the screen of system, which became noticeably more brightly with any conditions of illumination, and also the joystick of control - now it is moved in 5- TI directions, it is earlier instead of 9- TI, and to it is added the additional button "Menu", which simplified recovery into the previous menu. To use that renovated iDrive'om it began somewhat more simply, although about intuitive control it does not be necessary nevertheless to speak. Moreover by fault to that not screen or control knob of system, but the logic of menu - iron German logic, to understand which in motion in me was obtained not always; therefore sometimes it was necessary to completely stop in order to change radio station or to adjust the air flow. Certainly this matter of habit; therefore convenience in use iDrive'om will adequately to judge be able only men passed in the machine not of one thousand kilometers.

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