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Secrets of cosmetic shopping

Whether it is possible to save on own beauty? Someone confidently answers "is not present" and prefers to use only the most dear cosmetics, and for someone the name of firm absolutely means nothing, and the choice always does of two lipsticks for the benefit of cheaper. One collect the whole collection, others manage one - two means. Who in this case is right?

The majority of modern women any more do not represent the life without decorative cosmetics. However such situation is for certain familiar to you: your toilet little table bursts with infinite quantity of cosmetic means for which a great lot of money is spent, and still something does not suffice you. In what put? It appears, purchase of cosmetics is almost art and you simply do not own him(it)! If you have doubts in validity of this statement, try to answer the following questions:

Whether • It was possible to you to buy a voice-frequency cream, whose shade in shop of you quite arranged, and on the person turned to a mask “ the leader red-skinned ”?
Whether • you Got the ink praised by the girlfriend for eyelashes which caused in you a terrible allergy?
Whether • you Were tempted with advertising promises about humidifying action of superproof lipstick therefore your lips became even drier and started to be shelled?
Whether • you Fell in love with magnificent and fashionable shades of eye shadow which how it was found out, to you do not go at all and are not in harmony on color with one of your orders?
• And whether, at last, it was necessary to you to buy not so dear nail polish, and then with surprise to be convinced, what it keeps on nails and looks not worse at all bought before superexpensive?

If even you have answered some questions in the affirmative, the information which we want to share with you means, for you will be very actual. So, in what art of a choice of decorative cosmetics will consist? Probably in how correctly to make own palette of necessary means with the minimal financial expenses. It at all does not mean, that it is necessary to you manages the poor set consisting, besides, from cheap production to anybody of unknown firms. Just it to do in no event it is impossible! But it appears there are ways as it is possible to save money and thus to be confident, that you use only the most qualitative cosmetics. We shall start with several general advice

1. Before going to shop, lead strict audit of the cosmetic stocks. If you will find out, that working life of a voice-frequency cream has very long time ago expired, from a favourite pencil there was a small bit, and the varnish or ink have hopelessly dried up, расстаньтесь with them without a regret. Then closely study the stayed cosmetics and precisely formulate, what exactly does not suffice you.

2. Choosing in shop any decorative cosmetics, be convinced, that its shade approaches you. For this purpose try it on a leather and estimate, as it will look not only at artificial, but also at natural illumination. Only then you will be completely insured from unsuccessful purchase. This advice concerns at all only to powder, a voice-frequency cream or lipstick, but even to eye shadow which in a box always look much more brightly, than on a leather. Frequently we are mistaken and at purchase of a varnish, estimating a saturation of color and not having tried it on a nail. Alas, it is far from being in all shops to you will allow to test on itself all liked cosmetics. For this reason try to make purchases in firm departments where such services are necessarily stipulated, and there are special stands with samplers. If it is impossible, better in general to leave instead of to buy “ a cat in a bag ”.

3. Extra care at purchase of cosmetics should be shown, if you have propensity to an allergy. In this case the probability of purchase improper to you of means is very high. Before to buy, for example, ink or a voice-frequency cream, be convinced, that they do not cause in you irritation and hypostases.

4. Never choose cosmetics, proceeding from the packing which have liked you as it is far from being always its appearance corresponds to the maintenance. Inside very beautiful box can be, let even good means, but to you at all not suitable. Besides despite of the international interdiction, many firms place small capacity with means in obviously big packing that can confuse you concerning its real volume and cost.

5. If you will closely analyse shades of lipstick or eye shadow which at you already are for certain will find among them much enough similar. Simply you have bought something, because you very much want, something ideally approaches to your dress, and you have seen something in magazine. However such same purchases are absolutely senseless. And here if at imposing a make-up you show even a few imaginations and art abilities, that, for example, having learned to mix shadows of several base colors, you can receive uncountable quantity of shades. The same result can be achieved, combining different colors of lipstick (to do it more conveniently by a brush) or to use unique, but changing shades of a pencil for lips (which will cost for you much more cheaply, than new lipstick). Having mastered these simple receptions, you can save essentially, first, and second, to dare to buy instead of 3-4 means one more expensive and qualitative.

6. Very much frequently we receive "unsuccessful" cosmetics in a gift from our friends and girlfriends. In due course at you the whole collection improper on color or blush causing an allergy, varnishes, ink and voice-frequency creams can gather. It is quite natural, in fact each of us has favourite firms and shades about which others can simply not know. And why to not educate them? Certainly, to do it it is necessary in the extremely unostentatious form, between times having mentioned about the unusual name of lipstick remembered to you or, having mentioned the conservatism to cite as an example favourite cosmetic firm, which fidelity you store many years.

And now we shall talk about on what means it is possible to save, and what are necessary for buying in spite of on any expenses. At once we shall make a reservation, that we mean production of the firms which are letting out(are releasing) qualitative mass cosmetics which passes obligatory quality check (for example L'Oreal, Max Factor, Maybelline, Nivea, Lakme, Lumene, Yves Rocher, etc.) under inexpensive means. Well and that such the expensive cosmetics - probably to explain you is not necessary! As if to cosmetic production of manufacture to anybody of unknown firms, which is sold in stalls or in the markets to use her we do not advise you not at what situation. It is better to do without cosmetics in general!

Voice-frequency cream
The first and main on what it is not necessary to save is a voice-frequency cream. It creates a general impression about a make-up and in case of any errors can destroy the image thought over by you completely. An ideal leather units from us, alas, possess, the rests should study to use cosmetics. Here the basic advantages which expensive and qualitative voice-frequency creams possess:
• care of a skin (protection against solar beams, a feed and humidifying);
• regulation of fatty greasing and maintenance of ideal dullness of a skin;
• ease, a transparency and impalpability on a skin;
• alignment and improvements of complexion due to included in their structure to micropigments which provide "luminescence" of a leather and высветсяют its roughnesses and roughness;
• absence of spots from a cream on clothes.
Cheaper means, as a rule, possess only some of the listed qualities. Besides as against the majority of other means, the voice-frequency cream is in direct contact to a leather(skin) that is why frequently causes an allergy or other unpleasant sensations. One more advantage of expensive firms is wider spectrum of shades and presence at departments where such cosmetics is sold, the advisers, always ready to help you to pick up suitable means.

The same recommendations can be attributed and to various kinds of powder. As well as the voice-frequency cream, expensive powder possesses effect and gives to a skin a tremendous shining kind at any illumination. Besides the firms which are letting out(are releasing) mass cosmetics, as a rule, have no transparent powders without which it is impossible to make absolutely natural and natural make-up. Remember and that if the most part of your cosmetics usually remains at home, compact powder should be used any time during day to correct a make-up or simply to look at itself in a pocket mirror. And the beautiful powder box concerns to those trifles which define style and its(her) status women.

Proof-readers do not save on proof-readers, it is especial on what are used for masking circles under eyes. First, the gentle leather on these sites is especially sensitive, is more subject to an allergy and requires more careful leaving. Second, qualitative proof-readers of last generation contain all same substances which not only mask bruises and circles under eyes, but also do imperceptible fine. And here less qualitative means can to emphasize them, on the contrary. The proof-readers used for masking spots, should possess also bactericidal properties, that too it happens basically at known and expensive firms.

Eye shadow
All decorative cosmetics which is rendered on area around of eyes, should be very much high quality. This rule concerns, first of all, to eye shadow. Except for that expensive shadows possess more gentle structure, keep longer and are not rolled in skin in one hour after drawing. Besides they contain less than the harmful components, capable to cause an allergy.

Ink for eyelashes
Buying ink for eyelashes it is necessary to find "golden mean". On the one hand, she not necessarily should be very expensive, in fact in any case of her it is necessary to change each 4-6 months on reasons of hygiene. There is enough, that it was not showered and not smeared under eyes, making you similar to the panda. But on the other hand, ink is on the first place among all means of decorative cosmetics on frequency of occurrence of allergic reactions. Unfortunately, sometimes it occurs even to production of elite firms. Therefore, it is better to use only the checked up means.

Lipstick and planimetric pencil
Cost of these means also depends only on opportunities of your purse. Certainly, the certain difference between road and not so lipstick is, but it is essentially less, than a difference in the price. If to learn to paint correctly lips, it is possible to achieve tremendous effect and with the help enough modest means. For this purpose all over again take advantage of humidifying balm, then lead round a pencil a contour and shade with him(it) all surface of lips. After that with the help of a brush put lipstick. Get wet napkin, wait a little and put one more layer. To give to lips the big expressiveness to you shine, which set of variants you will help can find at any firm.

Quality of blush and, hence their cost too are not of great importance as they are rendered atop of other means and directly do not adjoin to a leather. It is possible to replace with their powder with a shade of sunburn.

Nail polish
Stability and speed of drying of a varnish practically do not depend on its cost. Basically, it is possible to use any varnish if preliminary to put a basis that nails have not turned yellow, and then to take advantage of a fixer providing its stability.

Observing all stated than a rule you higher can to spend maximum reasonably than money and to receive a full set of means really necessary for you. However sometimes any woman would like to make absolutely senseless, rash and irrational act and to buy a bright - green varnish, orange lipstick or shadows of lilac color. During such moments we advise you to forget about all our advice and it is courageous to follow it a little bit to mad impulses! As a rule, to take advantage of such cosmetics it is more than once to you it will not be possible also remain on a toilet little table, as a reminder on your small whim. And let it will be the most mad act in your life!

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