Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Serious toy

The naive view of the polycarbonate headlights of head light, narrow and high body on the bevel gears make Jeep Cherokee with similar to the toy. In comparison with the previous "leader of redskin", low and thickset, new appears light. If earlier not in whom and appeared doubts, that Cherokee - this is real, strong leader, then now it is possible to think that the very young girl arrived under the pressure of emancipation at the authority. Similar moods are observed also in the interior. The small sheathed by the skin control is decorated with the bright inserts and knopochkami. Central console is made from relief plastic. Seats are sheathed by the skin. Veselen'kiy interior is tuned to the same style of ride, but it is worthwhile to bring motor, and immediately you understand, that these are not toy, but powerful extra-road builder. Efforts, on all control elements, beginning from the control and the pedals, and concluding by podrulevymi switches and revolving control knobs of microclimate decent. It cannot be said that they excessive, them will manage even brittle girl, but the sensation of reliability and heaviness is created with the use by them. With the arrangement in the salon to girl it will be also easier than to solid man. Because of the powerful, that speak in favor of the limits of the body of wheel arches, salon it came out very narrow. Position aggravates the shirochennyy central tunnel, inside which is located all-wheel-drive transmission. As a result of the leg of driver they depart to the narrow niche, displaced to the left relative to the axis of control. In the case with the automatic transmission there it was possible to freely place two pedals, but place for the area under the left foot did not be sufficient. However, what will be, if on the automobile is established "mechanics"? Powerful V- descriptive "six" fill salon by solid bass already with 2000 r/min, but even with 5000 r/min this sound does not press to the ears, but only caresses rumor by satisfied contented grumbling. Heavy motor reliably and confidently accelerates not the lightest automobile (equipped mass - 1900 kg). On the high revolutions 12- valve motor works with the unwillingness, lentsoy. Although, if we press down the pedal of gas to the support, then even this lout it is possible to move and to untwist to the maximum revolutions. True, expenditure in this case, according to the data of on-board computer, crosses for 60 (!) l/y00 km average expenditure in time test -dra1va - 17 - 20 l/y00 km on the trass high-powered engine, quick-to-accelerate Jeep to 150 km/h and further. The work of hydraulic amplifier was pleased. With the small angle of rotations of the baranka of effort sufficiently large, which makes it possible to more confidently feel road and not to be strained. Control always stands in the rectilinear direction and in order it to deflect from zero, it is necessary to exert sufficiently large effort. In this case, with the significant angle of rotations of control, after the first 90 degrees the effort noticeable is reduced which facilitates the work of driver with parking. Brakes showed well themselves. It is sufficient lungs, they adequately react to the pedal displacement and they make it possible to accurately dose effort. On the asphalt dlinokhodnaya suspension gladdened by moderate for the extra-road builder, banks. But on the impassable road it struck by its softness and comfort. As we did not try, to hang out at least one wheel, for us this so also did not succeed. True, with abrupt deceleration Cherokee strongly "it pecks by nose". Apparently, after the widespread scandal, when in the course of of the tests of those conducted one of the European periodicals, on the flat asphalt Jeep Cherokee it overturned on one side, was carry ouied serious work on the finishing of chassis. Only rear passengers are reliably informed about all joints and small dents of road fabric. If driver begins to likhachit' and to gathering to overcome hummocks somewhat larger, then first about this learn furthermore the inhabitants of the second row of seats. The large non-spring-loaded masses of the rigid beam of rear axle apparently are shown. After a certain limit, the driver and front passenger also begin to note that under the wheels not American khayvey, but the broken Moscow roads. In this case to the body the pushes are transferred softly and rounded. The large contribution to the comfort introduce tremendous light-alloy wheels with the shirochennymi high(ly)-profile tires. They verified in action and the work of sly transmission. With the aid of the convenient lever the driver can select of four possible versions of the work of the torque divider: the rear drive, complete with blocking of interaxial differential (Part time), complete with the free differential (Full time) and complete with the switch oned lowered transfer. The cost of the automobile, which visited test -dra1ve, is $42000. For these money the buyer obtains universal transportation means, which equally behaves well both on the hard-surfaced pavement and on the impassable road. In this case Jeep Cherokee is not deprived of originality and it is sufficiently well completed. The simplest version Jeep Cherokee is evaluated at $28000. For these money the buyer will obtain automobile with the gasoline engine with a volume of 2,4 l. by the power of 150 hp and mechanical KPP. By the way, guarantee to all automobiles Chrysler/Jeep is 2 years without the limitation of path.

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