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Splendid "seven"

BMW 74п - during the more than semiannual history test -dra1vov on AUTO.RU is perhaps most representative and is very by road, from the number of those that they was. According to tradition, all new models of Bavarian concern alternately produce either evolution or revolution, with respect to the predecessor. Present "seven" produced revolution. Moreover not only external, aesthetical, but also internal - technical. Made of the special construction of a new 7- series, first of all it is worthwhile to note: engine with system Valvetronic, control system of the auxiliary functions i -Drive, the stabilizers of lateral stability, with the hydraulic system which makes it possible to decrease the banks of body in the turnings. i -Drive - these are separate conversation and the various plump booklet of the description of all functions of this system, which will obtain men ready to lay out $100 thousand for this automobile. "revolutionary" changes are noticeable immediately. The design of new flag officer ambiguously perceived even the larger worshippers BMW. automobile it produced furore. Someone indicates that the automobile is extraordinarily beautiful, some vice versa scold German designers. But all focus attention. This for so serious an automobile is complicated to say well. After foregoing the aggressiveness of the characteristic of Bavarian machines "seven" it became more solid and more massive. The line of baggage carrier is made dual. According to the intention of creators, this solution made it possible to facilitate the line of the silhouette (large automobile difficult to make visually a lung), in this case to attain grow prettier aerodynamics (because of the high boot-lid, airflow it flows nonseparably, also, without the turbulence). "heavy", "tankoobraznyy" such epithets would arrive to me to the mind, if me they asked to describe appearance "briefly". Optics - is separate conversation. She only emphasizes that state aboved. The uncommon form of "povorotniki", placed above the head headlights, they are similar on the eyebrow, and biksenonovye lamps themselves - this sharp-sighted eyes, eyes, i.chpodlob'ya tracking after proceeding. The rear illumination engineering, which consists of an enormous quantity of light-emitting diodes, it emphasizes general stilistku of automobile. In the interior 7- series is felt entire the same solidity. The shirochennaya strip of wooden lead seems by one-piece log. Enormous sizes the panel of instruments, the spacious salon, calculated for 4 personas, large knobs and units of keys. However, as far as equipment and accessible functions for the passengers and driver are concerned, their list can be continued infinitely. What stands only it stands the system i mentioned above, the complete motorization of all mechanisms - mirror, seats, glass, shutters, steering column, doors and so on. We found not one power drive in this machine, automated absolutely everything, except the hook of the opening of cowling, but however at the owner of this machine is unfit under it and to glance. In the salon 5 people can be placed very comfortably, but is nevertheless originally it is calculated on the 4th, and even not person, but personas! Each landing place possesses its own system for control of microclimate, shirochennym range of adjustments on a height, the length, the inclination of back and head rest, by electric-warming and by ventilation system, and massage is provided for the front seats. Rear passengers can be hidden from the outside eyes behind the sliding shutters and after glancing into the refrigerator, established after the central elbow-rest, to reach from there bottle with the cooling beverage. In the ceiling, besides the lamps of the illumination of salon is build it even folding mirror. In the machine there are immediately two tubes of the cell phone, which works in standard GSM. In front to sit more interestingly, here there is no only refrigerator, but it is possible to be lost with different functions of system i -Drive (to dispose the parameters of radio, D -ple1era, climatic installation and d.t.). Unfortunately one of the basic functions i -Drive - navigation system, in the territory of Russia thus far does not work. Besides radio-tube it is possible to use system hands free, controlled with the aid of the keys on the control or on the sliding keyboard. For the small things are from the front provided the large locked boxing between the seats, large pockets in the doors, small drawer on the central console and small of bardachok. Is so provided place for D -cendjera for 6 disks. The range of longitudinal adjustment, is such, that if we move aside ourselves to the support back, then the inhabitants of the rear seat will be are forced to gather feet, not worse than in the automobile of compact class. In this case from the front, even very tall person will not reach by feet to the front wall. The perception of machine sharply changes, when automobile is touched. If in the statics you turn attention to the cut by longitudinal lines baggage carrier and other fine details, then in the motion solidity becomes noticeable. After finishing with the inspection of salon, it is possible for the control. But where key, is only pendant of control of central lock. Here, to the right of control cut. We put pendant, and, by any side. We press button Start/Stop. But as the answer silence. In order to neglect engine necessary to harvest to the brake. Attempt N2 succeeded, on the salon nursed easy vibration and utikhla. The work of motor can be judged only from instruments. On the scale of tachometer from 4000 r/min and further burns the yellow strip, which speaks, that until the motor is thoroughly heated, and to strongly untwist engine does not stand. Therefore thus far let us go without hurrying, slowly. By customary motion we transfer hand from the control to the selector of automatic KPP. That such, it freely moves in all directions, on top of that and it twists itself?! Answer is simple - this the joystick of system i -Drive - again one attempt did not be sufficient. With the second - we reveal that the lever of control of "automaton" moved to the steering column, almost as in "Americans", only with the German accent. That to include regime Drive, small lever it is necessary to stretch to itself and to lower. The low gear was included with the light push, lever independently returned to the initial position. About all manipulations the plain and readable diagram in the center of the combination of instruments informs. We release brake and, against the miracle, any zamorochek, automobile smoothly was touched. Along the familiar road, where to the pain is learned each shovchik, "seven" will go, without noting them. Unevennesses on are more largely transferred to the body by lungs push. Suspension is very comfortable. Speed is collected not noticeably, with the exponential acceleration the "automaton" is thrown to the following transfer, hardly motor will reach 2000 r/min. In the salon silence. Increasingly from the tachometer of propala "limiting" strip, motor it is thoroughly heated and prepared for the battle. From the sequential light signal, we press soft, not not very informative the apparitor of gas to the support. But as the answer the already become today customary silence. It is smooth, without the excess hurry and the fuss, but completely assured motor begins to collect revolutions, but it was not there, under the wheels wet and places slippery asphalt. Omnipresent electronics, pritormoziv one skidding wheel, mercilessly suffocates the moshchneyshuyu Bavarian "eight". Even with the shirochennymi winter tires, at the first moment we lose start by front-wheel-drive otechestvenym to vases. But then with an increase in the velocity the missed time it is easy to make up. We are taken away forward with solid bass. Against the background of excellent noise-isolation, the sound of motor prevails. Turnings BMW are passed, with the merit of true Aryan, stably holding in control the banks of heavy body. If we pass the limit of the coupling properties of tires, and and not informative control to make this is easy with very the lung, as with the acceleration, electronics will make entire itself. The sharp turn. It is slippery. Speed clearly exceeds maximum permissible. Having a little slid down outside, it turns machine by jerk, transposing stern in the necessary direction, that to extinguish the possible rocking, pridushivayetsya the engine. It is now necessary to only in time return control to the rectilinear position. And everything. But indeed are earlier, even predstavitel'skiye BMW, they presented how automobiles for the driver. There remains only to revolve in the necessary direction control, yes to command the pedals, when to be accelerated, and when to impede. One pleasure - possibility of manual control of six-stage "automaton" Steptronic (first series automatic transmission in by six transfers). Besides, auxiliary keys, on the control there are 4 buttons (two for each hand). Switching is downward achieved by keys on the outer side of steering wheel, and upward it is possible to pass, by pushing of knob from the back side of control. Information about the switch oned transfer to be derived in the separate small window in the very center of the panel of instruments. Powerful 4,5- liter motor and clever "automaton" makes it possible to impede well by engine and confidently to be accelerated on any transfer.

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