Tuesday, November 07, 2006


That same "Keddi"!eksklyuzivnymi and unique.

Brand Cadillac - the same symbol of America as starry- striped flag or "evergreen" of the bank note of dollar. But who could think that one of the sign brands of American auto-industry will begin to let out models with the use of aggregates of European automobiles and on the platforms general with the European partners on General Motors! It seems that the book by the name "road cruisers" gradually ceases to be best-seller in THE USA. To the overseas spaces of profit the "agents of influence" from Europe, and as the first of them - by agent 001 - is possible rightfully to consider it Cadillac Catera, or "in our opinion" Opel Omega. Agent 002 That built on the global platform Sigma of the zadneprivodnoy Cadillac CTS arrived for the change to previous "agent", when it became clear that it suffered fiasco. Americans rapidly "calculated" the speaking with the strong German accent cowboy, and it was sent for the rest, in the the native Of ryussel'skhaym. But this, of course, lyric poetry. However, reality consists in the fact that the important producers increasingly more frequently sacrifice of savings the nonrepeatability of firm or national style. CTS - clear example of the produced in the period of total globalization and new economic order of automobile. This affected its the technical "filling", but by no means on its appearance - small Cadillac was and remains thus Of "keddi", to which privykli Americans. Forms of body - deliberately chopped, on model XLR and DeVille. As if the automobile cut out of the cube of black marble blestit in the summer sun, sometimes resembling with a quantity of sharp it is angular bomber F -117 stealth. In contrast to the purely European designer school, the Americans in every way possible resist the "invasion" of smooth lines in the design. Body CTS is extremely "many-sided", even housing of external mirrors angular. Forward section unconditionally issues the stamp of automobile. The large, coming out forward radiator grill with the "family" coat of arms, located on the ends it is wing vertical headlights and almost continuous bumper with the combination of turn indicators and "protivotumanok". About the front illumination engineering CTS, perhaps, it is worthwhile to speak separately. Almost correct rectangles hide under themselves two vertically located lenses, which the Americans call not otherwise as "light guns", under the small plastic triangle lurked omyvateli of headlights. Dimensional fires immediately and you will not note - the small lamp, surrounded by multi-focal reflector, modestly shines in the lower angle of headlight. It is beautiful and even it is a little pompous. Enormous cowling in reality - this is only the part of the general firm environment, indeed under it hides familiar on automobiles Opel compact V- descriptive by "six" volume of 3,2 l, whose power is here 218 hp.

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