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The way of Samurai Busido

The way of Samurai Busido, the way of Samurai and the history of Japan being concerned Samurai, and also appearance and the cultivation of combat skills for the elongation is age-long. Here you will be able to learn against the developments - samuraystva, and also the histories of appearance and development of combat skills. The more detailed history of Japan find in the appropriate division. Appearance of the class of soldiers the detailed examination of the appearance of samuraystva. Basic battles of Samurai, after increasing in frequency them in the international wars. Development of samuraystva in the period of the epoch Of tokugava. Initial stages of the formation of samuraystva VII-XIIvv. Samuraystvo in the period of international wars the epoch Of tokugava Ideology of samuraystva code Busido - "unwritten" laws regulating the behavior of Samurai. Rite of hara-kiri (seppuku) and the religious views of Samurai. Code Busido of hara-kiri the religious views of the Samurai Preparation of busi the detailed description of the methods of vospitani and military training of Samurai. Origin, development and cultivation of numerous it is specific combat skills. Schools and basic directions in the combat skills. Training Samurai military skills - To bu-dzyutsu: To midzoku-bu-dzyutsu To ryugi-bu-dzyutsu Description of schools To bu-dzyutsu To sinbu-dzyutsu To eroi-kumiuti - fight without the weapon. To kogusoku - fight in the armor -kogusoku. To dzyu-dzyutsu - samurai skill of fight. Bag - earliest form of Japanese fight. Kane- to - the skill of fencing on the swords. Kh- to - shooting from bow. To ba-dzyutsu - skill of riding. With -dzhqu - fencing on the halberds. Suyey - floating by samurai style. Schools of the applied skills Armament of Samurai the history of appearance and development of ordinance of Samurai; daily and ceremonial clothing, and also the cult of weapon. Ordinance of Samurai daily and tseremoniyal'naya clothing is production and the cult of the weapon

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