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Whether it is time to think about New year?

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Whether it is time to think about New year?

Already long before New year throwings begin: where to go? And as though to manage to meet it so that then it was not painfully hurt for worthlessly lead holiday? We suggest you some New Year's variants. And suddenly something will approach you?

The Hungarian fairy tale
So, if to gather not in very far edges it is quite good to visit Hungary. At all Russians on hearing lake Balaton. And meanwhile all in six kilometers from him there is without any exaggeration a unique natural phenomenon - the largest in Europe warm lake Heviz. In the summer the temperature of water зашкаливает for a mark in 35 degrees, does not fall below 26-ти in the winter. Therefore practically is not found neither lake fauna, nor flora - they do not love high temperatures. Around of lake reaches 50 га woods that creates a special microclimate. Because of a difference of temperatures between cold winter air and warm water the lake will shroud dense pairs, and you will not feel any discomfort. « Хевиз smokes », - local residents speak in such cases. If on a court yard hardly is lower than zero, open-air will bathe little bit more cool. For those to whom it does not approach, small houses - swimming baths are built. Like the closed mini-pools under a roof.

For New year bathing in lake is отменной exotic. However, really to be improved, it is necessary to arrive on this thermal resort of week on two. Water here completely unusual on a chemical compound. Besides the silt covering a bottom of lake, differs the high maintenance. Experts advise to be treated on a resort to people, suffering frustration of nervous system, infringements of a metabolism, rheumatic pains. Local mineral sources provide with the water assisting at chronic diseases of a gastroenteric path. Good results are given with stay on Хевизе in treatment of barreness and a lot of gynecologic illnesses. However, enough medical subjects. In fact at present we live in an anticipation of a holiday.

You are waited with a new year's eve in a museum - palace column. Can lead it in wine погребке column. In general, графские apartments are provided. The program bright and with especially national colour. In the beginning visitors treat a strong national drink, and as snack offer the well-known Hungarian roll. So modest menu business, naturally, will not be limited. Then there will be rural cold snack, desserts and many - many other things. Take into account, kitchen fat! At midnight a treasured bottle of champagne. And will be treated further with several grades best fault. Hungarians as wine makers. As to an entertainment part here, as a rule, the host is robber Benjar. Strong, kind and beautiful. Like Робин Гуда. It besides also is musical: will play on the national tool, will learn all wishing to dance a czardas. All the night long you will be entertained with a gipsy orchestra. The sky fireworks is exactly at midnight. There is such holiday - about 100 euros, till 12 years it is necessary to pay for the child about half of marked sum. Add on cost of round in view of New Year's margins (650-750 euros). Also do not overlook to postpone a few currency on procedure which will seem paradise pleasure after a rough new year's eve. Speech about massages, aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, etc. If forces will stay, in one of the subsequent days can go on knightly tournament in place Шомеч or to the Hungarian capital. Budapest is magnificent at any time year.

New Year's cruise
Want many impressions, prefer New Year's cruise. For example, to travel by the steam-ship « River the Art » 5 * during which you visit the most beautiful places of Europe - capitals and absolutely small, cosy and picturesque small towns. On a card Amsterdam and Antwerp, Brussels and Gent, Hague and Baden-Baden, Strasbourg and Colmar (the list not full) appear. There is no sense about them to tell, to see them better. And to look, as marks the beginning of the come year Europe. Overland excursions last till some hours. Can walk in the liked city though all the day. However adhere to an iron rule: to departure to not be late. Otherwise anybody will not wait for you, and the arisen transport problems should be solved on own account. A new year's eve nevertheless to carry out by the steam-ship, where all (language of dialogue by the steam-ship - Russian) more comfortably. The invited actors will present the celebratory program. There will be dances, draws, carnaval masks, a beautiful supper at candles and, certainly, a fur-tree. In general, everything as it is necessary! Cruise will pull approximately for 1500 euros. Fluctuations of the price depend on a class of a cabin.

To see Paris and … to meet New year
As always, impetuously pulls Paris. Pensioners, students and state employees prefer bus rounds with the culmination - New year in the most romantic city of the world. It is not necessary to be under a delusion: the restaurant in similar economic rounds is not provided. Thus, on December, 31 you will walk, most likely, on to fields in crowd эйфорически the adjusted tourists who have gathered in this point of a planet from all world. Sensation pleasant, but quickly you get tired. The public transport does not work, a taxi will not catch. It is good, if your hotel near to the center. Will vigorously reach on foot a time shelter and in number, in a good company of compatriots, will note a holiday. The truth for this purpose and drinks is necessary to buy snack beforehand. It is possible to reserve, certainly, places at restaurant. It should be made beforehand, in Moscow. And to postpone for action a round sum. New year in Paris, all the same!

The grandfather the Frost on a beach
Want heat, turquoise water, gold sand, palm trees? And any snow. Then head, for example, for Maldives (7-8 thousand dollars for two in five-stars hotel). With visas of problems is not present. Weather in December - January fine. Neither rains, nor scorching heat. Average temperature of air - 28 degrees, waters - 24. Under the statement of experts, on Maldives the best diving in the world and fantastic beauty the underwater world. The archipelago includes about huge quantity(amount) of coral islands from which the tenth part is populated only. And on each island - the firm hotel. Hotels magnificent. From a bungalow and the water country houses which have peacefully settled down on piles directly in the middle exhausting.

The information for fans to consume on rest hot. In the country profess an islam. Clearly, why the use of alcohol in public places (outside of a resort zone) is forbidden. In shops alcohol you will not buy, it is sold only at restaurants. The bottle of champagne costs not less than 150 dollars. To not have problems with local authorities, adhere to simple rules. For example, going for walk, postpone blinkers and stop a choice on long trousers or moderate length to a skirt. Cover shoulders. And in general, behave modestly. Nudists here to spirit do not transfer. Even on most like deserted irelands it would be strictly forbidden to bathe naked. Will notice and will severely call to the order.

The opportunity to not see in the hotel practically anybody, except for smiling, polite and silent representatives of the attendants is given fans of a solitude. Here in fact the solvent businessmen tired of numerous contacts and an intense rhythm of megacities arrive. Thus, on one of coral islands it is possible to meet the most silent New year in the life. And with the great pleasure to recollect it in the future, under fight of a chiming clock, somewhere under a snow-covered fur-tree on a situated near Moscow summer residence.

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