Sunday, November 26, 2006


Wi-Fi Twins steal the information

Places with wireless networks and rich people of steel the present paradise for hackers. Placing counterfeit points of access near to present they intercept connections and get access to the personal information of people working in wireless networks.

" We shall not see such connections in McDonalds, a little who interested with passwords to MySpace ", - expert Richard Rashing speaks. " Certainly hackers choose such places where them to eat than profit ".

So-called ' evil twin ' recently have been found at the airport, in a waiting room of the first class, in garage which serves expensive machines and as a bonus we offer clients Wi-Fi access in the Internet, at station. Attacks of similar type in part use social engineering and breaking, however the main task - to give out the point of access for safe, to pretend to be legitimate service. Such type of attack receive the increasing distribution. Corporate networks usually reliably close also the user in such structure remains the most vulnerable part.

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