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With whom to lead a winter vacation: 5 variants

It is not trusted at all, that absolutely soon we can forget a minimum for 10 days about work and arrange to itself completely official New Year's vacation! But with whom will better go to submit mountain-skiing slopes in the Alpes or to frighten deep-water fishes in Red sea? And how to make so that then it was not insulting for aimlessly lead(aimlessly carried out) rest?

Variant the first: with the beloved
If you really like each other, and the decision on where exactly to go, it was accepted without bringing in a victim of own desires, and also without findings-out who and for whom will pay - then 10 days will pass on one breath. And here the concealed insults and constant reproaches « and here if we have gone not to Thailand, and to Maldives … » can kill not only the most romantic rest, but also finish attitudes. Therefore, by the way, psychologists very much advise before finally being defined with a choice of the partner in life - to visit with it to have a rest. Very much much at once becomes clear. By the way, the same psychologists consider, that the maximal effect gives rest during which you completely change surrounding conditions, a way of life and the environment. Proceeding from this the vacation which has been lead(which has been carried out) with the man which and without that borrows all your time and ideas is not the best variant. Besides frequently a result of joint rest becomes not only a pack of photos and amazing sunburn - but also broken about slopes of the Alpes or underwater reeves « a love boat ». However … it can just not a minus, and plus of such vacation. And if the love does not maintain 10-day's rest - means, it simply was not it.

Variant of the second: with family (the husband, children or parents)
Pleasant memoirs after such holiday are possible only if you really feel, that you catastrophically do not have dialogue with most close people on which in everyday vanity simply there is no time and forces. For 10 days you only are once again convinced of an opposite case, that to death have bothered each other. And it, you see, not the best result of holiday! Especially, if to take into account, that you should and communicate with these people further every day. And still, it agrees to change completely all of the same recommendation of psychologists for the period of holiday surrounding conditions, a vacation with family hardly completely will switch off you from a habitual life. But if all of you have decided to have a rest together - to you, probably, it would be desirable and warm and sincere, rather family attitudes. What somewhere vanish in a mad rhythm of our life, turning to the joint momentary decision of household, financial and professional problems. And, besides New year and Christmas is in fact such cosy family holidays!

Variant the third: with the girlfriend
Here all depends on the purpose of trip. If you simply want to be disconnected from problems and to relax - take with yourself the checked most up girlfriend. From what you understand each other from a half-word which easy concerns to your habit on one hour to carry out in soul (and sometimes even to sing in it!), To discuss at night secular gossips from the next glossy magazine, to retell (in the smallest details) the maintenance just посмотренного with you of touching film and to paint nails its loved is delicious. If your plans include joint hunting for men, principles of a choice спутницы will be absolutely others. The main thing here - to not take with yourself for what you will be only greyish background. However, if you a sports long-legged beauty ordinary-looking. Remember, that if you carry out(spend) a vacation with the girlfriend will get acquainted to you easier with the man, also having a rest with the friend. And hardly tastes at two friends can be so diametricallyty. Here, by the way, there is one more subtlety: you with your girlfriend just should like a little bit different types of men. Otherwise hunting (and holiday in general) can end with grandiose quarrel.

Variant the fourth: with the company
The overall objective of such holiday - « to come off on full ». And representations about this separation at all should be approximately identical. An ideal variant - the company incorporated by the general(common) interests (mountain skiing, diving, love to, etc.). Much depends and on structure. Psychologists count optimum two variants: the first - the company free (as a rule, rather young) people which have been not burdened with "половинками" and the obligations, the second - pairs having a little a rest together. If at the company there are both pairs, and "singles", it almost always creates additional intensity. First, the purposes and ways of carrying out of holiday at them almost for certain will be different, and second, such mixed structure frequently leads to to findings-out of attitudes on ground of jealousy (especially after use in common of some drinks without which our person is high-grade to have a rest simply is not able).

Variant the fifth: with new familiar
It is rather new, disputable enough and unusual way of carrying out of holiday. It(he) can be compared with little bit tightened « appointment blindly » new impressions and unexpectedness to you are provided! So, if you have nobody to lead a vacation, and to go one it would not be desirable, it is possible to try very operatively to find to yourself of the satellite, for example, on any decent site of acquaintances. Shortly before New year of those who has come there with the same purpose, for certain will be much. In the end the end, not each person can admit to itself that it(he) cannot find the partner in life himself and is compelled to resort to Internets - acquaintances. And here to searches thus with whom it is simply possible to have a rest, many concern where easier. That similar rest has not ended with disappointment, it is necessary to listen to three advice of psychologists. First, it is necessary to meet the prospective satellite not on the rack of registration at the airport, and beforehand even in general to represent, with whom you should lead 10 days. Second, if you decide to live in one number, it is necessary to understand, that the man regards this step, as a direct hint on possible sex. Also it will be sincerely surprised and angry, if it in your plans, it appears, did not enter. And, thirdly, daring on such unusual rest, it is not necessary to be adjusted, that it will by all means end with the big and light feeling. If it will be so - perfectly! And if is not present - you will simply well lead(will simply well carry out) winter

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