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How to earn THE BIG MONEY Boris Berezovsky

What for I am frank?

I already elderly person achieved in a life everything of what only it is possible to dream. My money to me

to not live up to the end of my days, and, taking into account modesty of my needs(requirements) - and for

many lives to not live.

I am not interested any more in earning money. Being the Jew, I, except for the last have lain, veins and

worked in Russia, have well learned(have well found out) the country and its(her) people, have studied force

and weaknesses Russian. Having started(begun) as the ruthless exploiter and иудей, I have gradually liked

sympathy for great and superpatient Russian people, and already quite sincerely I wish it(him) the blessing.

I have changed religion, was christened in Orthodoxy, in many respects have gone away with the Jewish

community and its(her) solidary opinion though up to the end the Jew to be have not ceased.

My money which has been pulled out at first at Russia, now work for the blessing of Russia, and my life

experience too could serve as Russian. I hope, that, publishing with the free right of a reprint this (at

first inside corporate confidential) the brochure I shall bring advantage(benefit) despaired and увязшим in

unsoluble problems to people.

Actually, is not present on light to everyone on the Sun, but money to light can suffice all. That they were

necessary, first of all, desire and ability of them to accept, and success, success, once again success.

Ask any Russian: what is the success? It(he) will answer - luck, not dependent on us. Jews are brought up

differently. Since young years of you learn(teach), that success - a product of purposeful action, that

externally casual events actually are prepared by people, their belief and will.

The world - at all the elements of chaos, and success not so is blind, as many represent her(it) to

themselves. People on the ground receive different quantity(amount) of money because on miscellaneous

perceive a reality, on miscellaneous feel the world. To make you the richman, changes not from the outside,

and inside you are necessary. It if want, magic of success.

Primitive our ancestor before going on hunting, drew a deer па sand and amazed an imagined animal with a

spear. For what it(he) did(made) it? Simply on the darkness - or knew from experience of millenia, that any

material action is preceded with the plan, ideological development of the future event.

This magic was not primitive, she(it) and really helped the hunter to extract the present(true) deer. Force

of belief is those - force to materialize our desires and representations. Or on the contrary - to

materialize our fears and phobias.

When in the beginning 90 I, the modest science officer, began business, I very rigidly followed one

condition of the western social psychology: “ To kick out even the most explanatory(sensible) employee if

it(he) decomposes pessimism and disbelief in success collective ”. Then I simply followed a fashion on

western, and did not understand - what for I do(make) it?

Now I precisely know, in what here essence. If in that ancient tribe very explanatory(sensible) hunter who

would doubt of sandy figure the tribe would not extract the present(true) deer would be found and would die

of famine. It is impossible to joke of belief: плацебо (that is external material attributes of belief) can

be any, though па sand, though па silk of banners though on a tree of icons - but belief движет business,

and движет is equal so as far as she(it) is strong.

If you do not believe in success of the enterprise - better in general it(him) do not begin! - everywhere

advise beginning(starting) businessmen. You, probably, think, what it is a metaphor? What the success of

business only опосредованно depends on belief in him(it)? No, the most direct image.

Russian national sayings and signs - marks of national supervision

I have knowingly decided to confirm the idea by means of all since the childhood of familiar national

supervision about happiness and misfortune, about success and failure. People within centuries observed

dynamics(changes) of process of enrichment, and, not always understanding the latent reasons, nevertheless

has rather precisely characterized the seen party(side).

“ To fools only клад it is given ” - poet Ershov has written down in the text a national saying. This

surprising supervision, seems at first sight, completely alogical, ridiculous, but it is true. Why клад and

more widely having taken - riches - are given to "fools"? There is their evangelical definition - ” beggars

spirit ” - less rough, but the same essence.

The fool has one curious property - starting(beginning) any business, it(he) does not think of all

forthcoming complexities, obstacles, barrier which "clever" beforehand will place on the mental way. By

virtue of it at national "fool" complex(difficult) it appears simple. But, apparently, his(its) this private

affair: you do not see a wall - does not mean, that a forehead not треснешься! However - that for a miracle!

- "fool", walls not seeing, passes her(it) through, at all not having noticed, and not only in a fairy tale

- pretty often in a life. The success turns out at him(it) by itself - probably, and the wall, well

outstanding "clever" actually was imagined, self-created in consciousness, illusory.

This property - loss of success, especially commercial, to spiritually stupid(blunt) natures - not accident

and not “ подсуживание heavens ”. The world is dependent from our representations about it(him). And the

more spiritually refined nature sees for itself in the world of obstacles, the it is more than them (on сё

to the order!) arises. For example, if before the refined intellectual to put a problem: “ begin trade ” -

that it(he) will think up to you thousand reasons of unsuccess beforehand: and arrangement in the market,

and power of wholesale suppliers, both racket, and unstable greedy authority, and still(even) set of

factors. But we frequently see, how the neighbour of this intellectual, going to school for underdeveloped

children (even so it happens!) suddenly opens trade and successfully her(it) conducts, because by virtue of

the dullness and backwardness of imagination does not think of forthcoming difficulties.

We with gloating look at "fool": the pier, does not see a trap, now in him(it) and will please! It(he)

passes - and капка-па it does not appear on a place. We follow closely - and we get in a "long-awaited"

cancan. In what put? We simply live in the different worlds. But about it later.

“ The trouble does not go one ” - our proverb says. Why so? On simple probability the trouble and pleasure,

success and failure should like will be distributed(allocated) approximately fifty-fifty, anyway - is

chaotic. But people has long since noticed, that the destiny strikes blows кучно. Why one trouble draws

that, magnetizes another, the more troubles - the more than them is added, as if them(him,it) it would be

peculiar on beer to swarm. What for a parable? In fact success and failure essence a lot which is not

subject to us, to our mind(wit) and our will. How we can calculate success or failure beforehand? How we can

increase or reduce her(it)? Whether it is possible шулерство in a casino of Success? About it is lower, for

now we shall remember firmly: the person subjected to impact by failure, somehow loses "immunity", and one

failure opens road another, externally with drink, like, in any way not connected.

“ Nasty козлище all овчару spoils ”. The direct essence of a saying is clear - the sick animal amazes

healthy. But in fact the question is not animals and not about epidemic. The symbolical plan of a saying

other - one member of collective possessed некоей by a spiritual leprosy is capable to spoil all collective,

to corrupt and corrupt. And why, for example, not on the contrary? It would seem, the collective has more

than opportunities to alter "козлище" in itself similar. What "козлищу" interest to be at war with all

associates? Yes frequently it(he) also does not put the purpose someone to alter - all by itself it turns

out. The social reality in collective changes - from successful it(he) becomes concourse of losers, from

exemplary - crowd of swindlers or whiners. Why? As far as obviously looks through here the factor of

"belief" and "will" - we on a threshold of a solution of great secret of a parity(ratio) of a material

reality with belief and will of the person …

"Was born under a lucky star" is about the successful person. As in a saying “ the trouble does not go one ”

here again is underlined: in process of reception of success the probability of its(her) new reception

grows. The more victories - the more than chances of a new victory. The more obviously the success - the is

more, chances of his(its) recurrence. Why? What for strange interrelation? Like as the person should be

convinced what it(he) is successful - and after that it(he) in the magic image becomes successful?!

“ Money go to money ” - here still acknowledgement(confirmation) told. Why rich become still the richman,

and poor is even poorer? Whether plays here a role the factor of "plot"? If yes, who prevents poor to make

same "plot"? Questions, questions-и are not present while the answer …

“ Never speak for people "is not present", while they to you of it(him) have not told ” - wise and very

practical saying. Frequently the person so зримо, imagines prospective refusal in the request so it is

distinct(clear) and in roles plays in imagination and a stage of the failure, as to go to find out already

it is necessary nothing: it(He) has asked also itself has answered, the request has died in it(him) - that


But quite often we met situations when such чел “ the claim nevertheless has overcome itself and has decided

to go to learn(find out) the present(true) result.

It(He) at all is not surprised, when the result in accuracy corresponds(meets) to his(its) advanced

imagination. It would seem, it(he) has simply correctly calculated the world - but someone another suddenly

achieves absolutely other results with the same starting parameter, as from our sceptic. Why?

Metaphysics of the universe

When orthodox Russian reads in the Gospel precise “ the instruction on using the universe ” - “ ask - and it

will be given to you ”, “ Have belief though about mustard grain - and can move mountains, order to a tree

to rush with roots to ocean ” it(he) by virtue of features of education understands it as idealistic


The Jew better Russian knows, that this text needs to be taken literally, that before us - effective system

of arrangement of a life. Jesus Christ perfectly knew the answer to yours, the reader, a question - how to

earn the big money? At hindus we find representation about "майе" - the universal illusion surrounding the

person, the certain empire of the Mirages, hiding true брахмана. Really the material nature - illusion?

Really the steady, habitual world around of us - a simple Mirage? And laws of things to which we have got

used to obey - are thought up by us?

For itself I this question for a long time has decided positively. The scientist with a degree and the

businessman with millions, I well know: if tomorrow the mankind will believe, that the ground - I apologize

for expression, a parallelepiped from space will result angular pictures of our planet.

Already from a school bench we know, that the matter is not present, that with a kind шерлы and the subject

will consist of the particles removed from each other in space proportions. And inside particles too

emptiness (Электрон "indivisible" atom will defend from a nucleus as. As the pin head on last bench of

Stadium " Luzniki " (from a tennis ball in the middle of this stadium).

But also the nucleus of atom so empty - there is the elements. While the science has got to the bottom of

"quarks". Time will come, will prove also their hollowness. So, the matter does not exist. But, maybe, there

is an energy?

Calculations of modern physicists show, that the sum of all is positive and negatively directed энергий the

universe should be equal a bullet. Yes we and know, what action is equal to counteraction - unless not the

occasion to reflect on a reality of energy?

If there is no neither a matter, nor an energy, maybe, there is an empty space? The modern science turns off

space in a mathematical point without volume. In conditions of infinity in any point of the universe it is

possible to postpone in all parties(sides) математически equal pieces. But in fact it is the formula of a

sphere! And, it turns out, all of us time are in the center of the same sphere, how many would not move …

The infinity - not is something very huge as it seems to ordinary consciousness. Huge nevertheless has

material parameters, and the infinity of them is deprived. Математически she(it) is much closer and

топологичнее to zero, rather than to the vast objects confusing imagination.

Giantism of the universe and затерянность in it(her) песчинки - the person - шизофреническая illusion of XX

century. She(it) reflects not a true state of affairs, but only only painful(unhealthy) decadence of spirit

of the founders. But if to rise on a point debate of hindus from them майей, illusiveness material, what is

actually? It is represented to me (and it confirms my commercial experience) that па the business there is a

dynamical system of interrelation of the person and the universe, persons very flexible and designed under

an intellectual maturity.

I present myself the universe, as the device on иллюстрированию our representations about it(her). We for a

short while enter in "майю" and we exist here in that world which we shall consider necessary to create for

themselves. It would seem - a fairy tale, kingdom of dream!

But danger consists that a stalemate the consciousness is capable to simulate and is angry, and a hell on

the ground. It is vain to blame for it the universe - she(it) has only executed our application. To blame it

is necessary itself - therefore great teachers of mankind and insisted on personal transformation of the

person, understanding, that with old sights па the universe is useless to build the new world.

We live in the world of belief and will - and only. All other has character "плацебо". What is плацебо?

Physicians name a hook пустышку which allow the patient under a kind of a medicine. Trusting that is the

medicine, many inspired patients recover, “ the Hook here - actions(shares), bank notes, diplomas and all

other - yours плацебо, ours зацепки for own belief. Look at them more closely(attentively) - than there

would be these color pieces of paper without collective belief and them, without collective обожествления

them? Only your hot belief in their value does(makes) their really chain. Plus to that - does(makes) them

труднодостижимыми for you. If you are internally adjusted that money to extract internally adjusted that

money to extract difficultly - that to us them to extract difficultly. The facts confirming your

"correctness", the obedient universe to you willingly will give - she(it) in fact works, but to your

applications. The more will be - them a bassoon, the more convincingly for you your poverty, the it is more

you in it(her) увязаете. There will come(step) the moment when the quantity(amount) of your belief in own

unsuccess will be made even with “ mustard black ” - then to mountain to you, you are already incurable, you

have created the steady world around of yourselves which cannot be shaken.

Belief - the dangerous, bilaterial factor. She(it) can help to grow to us - and she(it) can bend down a pass

to a pettiness. She(it) enriches us - and she(it) immerses in bog of hopeless poverty.

We receive our world, first of all, from parents is that hindus name "кармой". As at the spirit including in

dense layers майи, is not present while the representations about a life, the world for him(it) is created

by his(its) instructors. Than the world was for parents - a holiday or каторгой - that it(he) begins and for

the child. Then, матерея, it is very difficult for us to break the "карму". Us have convinced - and have

proved the facts, examples - what to extract one thousand very difficultly. And we do not understand - as

for someone can be easy, extract one million? In fact nevertheless it is obvious …

During critical epoch it becomes especially clear, as our representations about a life much mean. In

пореформенной Russia 90th years of XX century one part of the population counted capitalism paradise -

nowadays lives in paradise, at least, in material paradise. Other part trusted, that capitalism is a hell,

them so brought up, and they appeared in a hell as soon as the key word - плацебо "capitalism" has sounded.

Actually anyone "измы" are empty, with the maintenance(contents) of them fill your representations about the

universe. Marx's people and Smith's People equally customs - simply they live in the different worlds, in

the different universes.

The universe develops of different layers and layers of representations:

1) Our personal representations.

2) Collective and group representations.

3) Historically developed representations of some generations.

4) Absolute laws of the nature which never changed for memories of mankind.

Accordingly, exist and модусы "verdicts" but realities around of us. We and do not know precisely - whence -

but are firmly convinced, that IT - "is impossible", another - "is improbable", the third - "is "rather

probable", and the fourth - "is inevitable".

However the will of the person if сё to train as sportsmen train muscles, is capable to resist even to the

fourth group of representations - to " absolute laws ” with модусом - a verdict it "is impossible". During

the business trips to Southeast Asia and Hindustan I met and communicated with yogas, magicians, monks who

overcame gravitation, левитировали, телепортировали subjects. It - heights of will, its(her) monstrous force

comparable by that is reflected in words of the Christ about “ mustard grain of belief ”. The little is

given to overcome майю at the basis, to lift its(her) bulk at the base.

We know, that pupils of the Christ were such. And the case is very brightly described - when the pupil

contrary to the law of the nature has gone to the Christ on water, but then has doubted of an opportunity of

such miracle - and there and then started to fail, roll. Quite historical certificates are available about

Russian sacred Serafime Sarovsky who “ soared above the ground ”, that is левитировал contrary to


I admit fairly, "вольпинизма" (I make this kind of sports from two words - "will" and "mountaneering") I

have not reached(achieved) such heights, and hardly I shall already reach(achieve). But I know, that if the

world record вольпинизма is possible(probable). го his(its) regional championships, and domestic tournaments

are possible(probable) also. If you put a problem(task) to grow rich, you do not need to overstrain above

overcoming of laws of the nature. To you it is much easier, in fact money concern not to a category

"obligatory" and to a category "probable".

Very few people from you, the reader, saw, is similar to me, левитирующих magicians. But practically all of

you saw rich people near to yourselves - can be, even in the apartment next to you.

The matter is that as we have already shown by the example of Russian proverbs, success is completely not

blind. She(it) is given to everyone on “ your belief ”, according to will and an orientation of will of

everyone asking.

So протопоп Авваккум has elicited to itself at the universe “ times Нероновы and Диоклетиановы ” at the

kindest Alexey Mihajloviche, many times unsuccessfully trying to pardon "victim".

Will to mastering by money at us. In the Jewish families, bring up since the early childhood. In a method

"вольпинизма" a secret of the Jewish fantastic riches. Then, certainly, here "plot", and “ supersolidarity

of Jews ” will be applied(put) also, but a basis became the Jewish belief in богоизбранность. “ The god will

give us all riches of the world! ” - Jews from century to century repeated. Riches the God (creative,

conceiving, just - has given them, certainly, not the superperson of the universe), and the universe (майя,

illusion material). The god, I think, grieved, look at affairs of mine единоплеменников. But the universe

allows everyone on belief, instead of on праведности. Where more clearly to tell, than, the Gospel: “ Will

be to you on your belief ”.

Without мессианизма еврейства our plot would be пустышкой. It(he) also is пустышка, "плацебо", keeping for

which, Jews think, that Sirs for the Beard have caught. It is impossible to explain the Jewish success only

material factors. Unless could not oppose plot pity and chased безродных tramps other peoples the, more

powerful plot? Unless had no authority powerful sovereigns above иудейскими the citizens?

But I am brought up in the environment believing in money of the world, as own Money, and putting (already

then) to this belief set plausible плацебо. The Jew born вольпинист (as well as the Negro - the born boxer,

the sportsman), but it does not mean, that other peoples are not capable to master вольпинизм. Simply

him(it) it is more difficult, because their mentality (плацебо for the parental universe) includes one more

many representations harmful to enrichment.

However is rich and among Russian though and it is less than them, than Jews. Вольпинизм, as well as any

sports - depend on the initial data, intensity of trainings and abilities of trainers. Intensity of

trainings it is possible to smooth defects of the initial data.

At Russian as at people, ability to вольпинизму very big, but it is advanced if so it is possible it will be

expressed, other group "кредомышц". Russian distinguishes very strong messianic spirit allowed them

figuratively being expressed, in bast shoes to start satellites, to drain the seas and to turn the rivers.

It was a miracle if to consider вольпинизм miracle, a miracle in which refused to trust in the rationalistic


Techniques of growth of incomes

So! Prepare for practical training in style вольпинизма. Дли the beginnings it is necessary to measure the

abilities in a "natural" condition - how many you earn, on your individual universe how many "is designed".

First of all, it is necessary to analyse the circle of dialogue, отсечь sceptics and whiners, pessimists -

they as weights on legs(foots) вольпиниста. On the contrary, to try to find to itself adherents - the

optimists trusting in success also, as well as you. Group to make the way to top, it is always easier - the

factor "взаимовытягивания" affects always. Outside it accept for “ a criminal grouping ”, "gang",

"затворщнков" - all this is sometimes imposed, but only as плацебо. It is a lot of groupings, on not all

from them are successful, the majority vegetate. Means, the main question - not in a grouping which in

itself, at all does not guarantee success, and in any special properties inside group. We know it group


Very important and complex(difficult) stage - refusal of “ the old world ”, of a reality created

spontaneously by works of parents and your friends, in chaos of your children's impressions. That now seems

to you “ an objective reality ”, actually rather casual set of imaginations about the world from the most

different sources.

Reflect, what should be “ the new world ”? Perhaps, all arranges you in "old" then you can be congratulated

only. Perhaps, you do not have not enough something other, instead of money?

We now speak only about money. If you are firmly sure, that you do not have no any sum prepare for storm of

a boundary of a new reality.

If you the poor teacher - also will think of one million dollars a head I allow on cutting off, you fail. It

as if to the unexercised sportsman to put a rod of the world champion. It is necessary to understand, that

though for the universe there is nothing impossible (it happens, and. Beggars win one million in a lottery,

and. As you understand, неспроста!) but there is much, while impossible for you.

Be the realist. Growth of incomes plan, for the next year that there was a space of maneuver, and do not

start it is more, than from 20 %. Once I have put a rod “ to double incomes ” - and with a crash have failed

- not because the technique has handed over, that is why that itself could not believe in such revolution.

Risk here one: will put a high rod, fail, and aggravate doubts. After each failure to return on a trajectory

of success begins more difficultly though desperate positions, certainly, do not happen.

The main danger. It would seem, than that it is easier? Has thought to itself of desire, has seriously

wanted something - and here! It, готовенькое, from an oven of the universe …

Actually the universe meets is far from being all desires. Психотехники different nations of the world

learn(teach) about one: overcoming of the emotional party(side) of desire, i.e. "desire".

Compare the sensations in two cases. When you want to have a meal, you go on kitchen(cuisine) and open a

refrigerator. In our private world the desire is, but desire is not present, you are quiet, emotions are


You do not set a question, as well as whence, kefir and sausage have got in your refrigerator. You know,

that they have done rather complex(difficult) way, but at you, always it is a lot of them and you do not

worry about them. They - a number(line), only stretch a hand and take …

Our feelings cannot divide(share) пароды Азин and Africa, where in weights мрут for famine. In their case to

desire of food the scared desire, fear is added by that food can not be. The more strongly this fear, this

doubt (not without reason speak terrible words - “ a worm, doubts ”), the is less probability to receive


As Pushkin wrote: “ Than less woman we like, than we more like it(her) ”. ‘ Го most it is possible to roll

and about money, because the same principle. I do not know any businessman, which ЛЮЬИЛ money. Businessmen

use money, cynically and prudently, and love to money сгубила them. You in fact gape, that дли receptions

arrived in the beginning it is necessary to put much, that is to leave money, and the this parting, the

better result is more ruthless.

Poor men like money, strangely enough. They above them dry, touch them, procrastinate in a hand, value them

- so do not receive reciprocity: money to them always goes a little. From here and the motto of business

which you repeatedly heard!: “ To save on the present the large sum it is impossible, she(it) can be earned

only ”.

In what here salt? The universe together with our application by desire receives the additional application

па inaccessibility required. If you long (instead of is simple and буднично want) on your application the

terrible label is punched: “ wishes to learn(teach) with great difficulties ”. Here besides there is nobody

to blame. You have ordered a pie with problems, you and receive it(him). It(he), certainly, acquires weight

плацебо, навроде economic conditions, rates of growth of the industry, etc., etc. - but all this alluvial.

Once at an economic forum in Turkey turkish economists complained to me, that at them weight as in Europe,

only incomes of the population in 10 times are lower.

“ It is understood nothing! The same laws, the same climate, manufacture dynamically develops - and people

as there lived in 10 times more poorly Europe, and live … ”

Russia with the tracing-paper of the western standard - other example. Some part of Russia has joined the

standard and consumes on European (other question, it is good or it is bad!). The stayed population does not

trust in success, and, so, even in the most favourable conditions conducts a way of life of losers.

In Russia there was a situation when whiners each other heat, aggravate the disasters with the extreme

pessimism, exchange him(it), as videocassettes, with each other. For this reason вольпинист in Russia will

be in more complex(difficult) conditions, than па the West where all is penetrated, idea of success, and

it(he) should put to itself(himself) firstly easier loadings, than the European.

So, you have desire. It(he) can be written down for self-checking - or хорошенько затвердить for memory. It

should be (that is to seem to you) realistic, not too sharply to change your life to be be very cold -

rational without any impurity of desire.

Let's assume, the modest employee receives 8 thousand roubles a month. Once it(he) has taken in hands

вольпинистскую a paper (a kind плацебо) and has written па to it(her): “ From next year I shall receive 10

thousand roubles a month, or 120 thousand, roubles one year ”.

Now reflect, what sort плацебо it is possible to apply to achievement of the purpose? What actions will

convince you what you can earn more? What rates need to be made in a hope on success? It is necessary not

for the universe for which your request - a trifle, it is necessary for you for self-persuasiveness. It is

necessary to realize, that the universe will allow you просимое and without any actions with yours, the

parties(sides) if only desire will not submit the treacherous application for “ difficulty of reception ”.

Than more difficultly it seems, to us to achieve - that it(he) and in a reality is more complex(difficult)

than any result for us. One it is easy, играючи receive the diploma of HIGH SCHOOL, others with a great

gnash. One for fun become candidates of sciences - at others on protection there leaves the whole life. One

laying on a sofa, earn millions, others in eternal bustle, and to vanity cannot and on bread наскрести.

Do not long! Do not speak itself “ well ” - know, that for you that you there wait, and try to approach this

rank to a maximum of calmness. Do not worry for a grist in a case because precisely know where she(it) and

how many in it(her). The same knowledge of the future, as about the past - without experiences and passions,

with distinctness летописца - here top вольпинизма.

You think of the future as if recollect the past. Пи to the circuit: “ Yes, by the way, па to the next week

I in fact shall find not taken into account(not discounted) тысчонку! On what her(it) to spend? Can put in

bank or buy a gift to the wife? ” .Чтобы to get rid of desire, for painful(unhealthy) fear before default of

desire I recommend sing a personal method - “ displacement of priorities ”. It when the person to not think

of money, for example, with obsession is poured in, say, in gardening (very actually for Russia). All the

day the head hurts in him(it) - where to get seeds, than to fertilize грядки, how to bring up a superpumpkin

- and somewhere at edge(territory) of consciousness, on periphery, dangles(hangs about) мыслишка about “ by

the way, those of 300 thousand the next month, they so will suddenly fall … where them to place! Ah, not up

to them now, the sprouts fades..-”

If you are a fan of a garden, a sports command(team) or a certain scientific faculty affairs at them will go

хреновенько - in fact the principle “ excitements for … ” provides “ complication in that, … ”. Let at you

the sprouts will wither - but 300 thousand will come 15 the necessary term. Perhaps, certainly, and on the

contrary the sprouts will grow on glory, and money will not come. Means, you did not manage to switch спои

fears on пожирание other subject, the fear of poverty appeared more strongly.

If you will analyse rich people familiar to us will necessarily see at them certain "пристяжную" passion

which frequently seems to you ridiculous. What to it(him) would put before football, if at him(it) a

milliard revolution of firm? But football loads it(him) “ a worm of doubt ” and does not give it(him)

сгрызть handed over, сгрызть business.

Our world if to reject illusion material, is the confusing crossroads of many воль and creeds - in business

your will should be stronger than will of the buyer and поли the competitor. A duel on the internal

party(side) of a reality, strong-willed opposition which Russian game in "гляделки" - when in the best way

illustrates eyes in eyes and who the first сморгнет - solves essence of an affair. The name of the goods and

his(its) quality - all this secondary плацебо, depending on your will can win or lose for lottery tickets,


Any person who was engaged in business, willingly to you will confirm: trade depends not on the goods, and

from the seller. One person manages to sell the uttermost stuff, and another sits on gold, and in the

half-prices of it(him) cannot sell. One dexterously realizes unnecessary, and another and necessary

extremely is not capable to sell. In what here business?

Externally - in psychology, that one боек, and another - is held down, неуверен, it is suppressed. But look

narrowly more closely(attentively) - why so? Whether the answer - the first - the person of " long will ” is

obvious, and the second - “ the self-modular loser ”.

I frequently witness transformation of people shy and прибитых when in their hands it appeared certain

necessary for them "плацебо" - when to them started to seem, ч го they have found a magic sword - кладенец,

and now - го are omnipotent.

Затюканный the post-graduate student, having suddenly protected, became a lion - to it(him) shook, that

it(he) now the athlete. Why? From an inutile scrap of a paper which helps nothing to another? Or from that

belief which THIS person put IN THIS subject?

Remember, what not in a subject force, and in your belief. Not an amulet, not талисман protect, bring

happiness, and the mental image of power connected to them. The subject - always "плацебо", пустышка, and to

other hands it(he) will be пикчемнейшим a trifle.

But at the first stage it is useful to mystify itself. “ I have signed the contract from Petrenko, now I all

can, at me all in hands … ” If you is valid also it trust, the contract е Petrenko becomes your happy

card(map). If doubt - will find out пустопорожность papers.

During the stay of the deputy I used to know two assistants to deputies, we shall name their "Ivanov" and

"Petrov". And so, the same crust of the assistant to the deputy has brought to Ivanov fine business and

expansion of opportunities, and to Petrov served only for free-of-charge travel па public transport.

Somehow Ivanov in a circle of the general(common) familiar began to be praised, that it(he) “ the assistant

to the deputy ” and “ much can ”. - Yes stop! - answered familiar Petrov - we know the person, it(he) too

the assistant, and it has not given a horse-radish to it(him)! Boundaries of growth. Being engaged

вольпинизмом, you should establish to yourselves, boundaries of growth. In the enrichment you will move

ahead from a boundary by a boundary, all above and above jumping. If somewhere there will be a recession -

means, it is necessary to return to an initial parameter, you have put a rod высоковато …

The boundary should be all time in your consciousness, and not leave at the same time on the foreground. The

best - to tire out(drive) her(it) in subconsciousness to not think of it(him), and vaguely to feel.

I shall share the методой: I wrote a certain figure (the boundary) on different pieces of paper, in

organizers, on a telephone tube, on production meetings, to reception ministers, etc. All time only number,

without comments, without excessive explanations, I accustomed myself to that this number - is obvious in

the future that it - I, belongs to me by the right that I should get used to it(him), and not be surprised,

when it will arise in my check-book.

Practically always worked. Thus, appointing number, I at last stages business of career did not think at

all, whence it will undertake, that is did not cling for плацебо fussy - feverish magic actions of the

businessman. I simply knew, that circumstances will develop so, that will impose to me all irreversible

course this number, and I will need to accept it(him) only.

You can go on my stops, can think up the mnemonic way - but remember! Pieces of paper operate not and not

numbers - the reason, an idea, all other - плацебо operates. If you will try to check up mockingly my to a

method, and with laughter will find out, that she(it) does not work - you will program the unsuccess. I

already spoke, that the facts - a thing pliable. The universe will give to you confirming your theory of the

world any quantity(amount) of the facts.

Operate a technique can to begin only when you use her(it) with belief in success when you beforehand plan

purchases on the money which has not come yet when you beforehand build sheds under yet not given birth


The condition of spirit of representatives of the nation, instead of any economic or social system provide

the nations a prosperity. The riches were given with communism, will not give it(him) and the market - all

this no more than плацебо for consumer spirit. Presence of money - in general внерыночное concept because

the market is aimed at the maximal economy of money. If you have soap, and at me - sewed, we could buy them

to the friend to the friend. But, except for mutual desire, it is necessary, that at everyone except for

sewed also soaps was overlooked also a coin. Or barter - without money - but in macroeconomic is very hard

for carrying out it. The magic circle - to start(begin) manufacture turns out, are necessary money and to

begin the consumer, are necessary money. That is we yet have not started to make, to not consume, and money

are already necessary. Who will give them - prick not manufacture and not consumption?

The universe, In the beginning there was a word. Логос, the idea - запланированность abundance - and only

then, on a wave of optimism and expectations of the best, on a wave of courageous dream comes material


About goods and angry spirit

Here I would like to warn once again about danger of that knowledge which you have gathered. I not without

reason отделяю the God, as the creative and personal beginning, from the universe, as featureless device on

manufacture of illusions. As a matter of fact, you have seen the world without a matter, energy, space as

it(he) is - the world of three persons: your Spirit, Kind Spirit and Malicious Spirit. The world also was

always such, unimportantly, you know it whether or not - you always are in space between Абсолютом Goods and

Абсолютом evil in is intermediate - suspended a condition.

Money there is a substance absolutely neutral, goods or evil they become only in your hands. Actually, money

is not coins and not pieces of paper (плацебо), and мери our power in the modern world. If you are rich -

that become as though the magician, capable to execute and pardon, cause a rain and to disperse clouds, to

erect palaces and to resolve cities. Be not under a delusion with a neutrality of "Matrix" - the universe.

She(it) will give out to a neck without analysis, under your application.

But the Malicious spirit stands up for everyone вольпинистским exercise. The temptation will use power of

the "откаченной" will to pursue you always as "rolling" pursues thirst to check up itself in fight.

Вольпинизм shares on two levels - “ will for purchase to itself ” and “ will for alienation at others ”. As

the universe is infinite, in it(her) there is an infinite quantity(amount) of all conceivable and even

inconceivable, therefore gloomy maxims in мальтузианском sense about “ limitation of a pie ” are intrigues

of Malicious spirit.

Possessed by evil вольпинист does not follow a wise rule “ bread by a dinner in a measure take ”, it(he)

самоутверждается not in purchase of things to itself, and in humiliation and додавливании losers around of

itself, in their deliberate третировании. The riches are considered(examined) not as “ my cash ”, and as “

another's absence ”, greatness not in a manor on itself, and in an eminence above a level of others.

In modern Russia it is very much advanced. Aspiration “ отсечь a door ” going a trace, “ понаоткусывать that

not съем ” it is constantly traced by a red string of the Russian reforms. The love to the factor of poverty

at authority, deeply defective feeling authority propertying is born "иауперофилия". In a result вольпинисту

from people it is necessary to overcome not only own fears and complexes, but also the powerful another's

will directed downwards, on сбрасывание followers.

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